Baptism of the newborn: the main aspects

Baptism of the newborn is one of sevenchurch sacraments. It commemorates the union of man with God, the forgiveness of his original sin. After baptism, a guardian angel is attached to the child, who protects him for the rest of his life. In Orthodoxy, it is considered that the baptism of a newborn is his spiritual birth. Therefore, this issue should be approached very seriously and prudently.

baptism of the newborn

Preparation for baptism

This ordinance is preceded by a rather important stage- cooking. First of all, you need to choose a baby name. It must be Orthodox and conform to a certain saint. If the desired name is not included in the full list of the names of the saints, then it is possible to choose a consonant. For example, if parents want to call their son in the world Stanislav, then, because this name is not in the saints, you can give him an additional church - Vyacheslav. Next, decide on the time of the sacrament. Of course, the faster, the better.

sets for baptizing a newborn

By all rules, the church advises to producethe baptism of the newborn on the eighth day after birth (it was at this time that Jesus Christ was baptized) or after forty days (in this case the young mother can also attend the sacrament). The date of christening can be chosen any. Here, neither the day of the week, nor the number, nor the periods of fasting are fundamental. The last crown in preparation is the choice of godparents.


Responsibility for baptism can not beObjective reasons lie on the newborn. In connection with the fact that at such an early age the child can not understand the meaning and significance of this sacrament, for it is done by the godparents or recipients. An indispensable condition for these people is unconditional faith in God. It is necessary to take a responsible attitude towards the choice of the godparents, because they are responsible for bringing the child to the church, praying for him and encouraging him to communicate with the Almighty.

Duties of Godparents

To give gifts for the holidays of the child issecondary traditional debt. But there are cases when it is mandatory, namely at the very baptism. It is believed that the godfather, at the sacrament, must give the child a cross, and the godmother - a special shirt. When choosing the first gift, it is better to pay attention to silverware. It is important that the cross is not too large, and the chain is not very long, so that the child does not get injured and does not spoil them.

baby clothes for baptism
The gift of the godmother is currentlypurchase is not a problem. There are special sets for the baptism of the newborn, which includes a suit, shirt or dress, as well as socks, a cap, gloves, a towel. However, they are not obligatory for the performance of the sacrament. Clothing for newborns for baptism can consist of a single shirt. The main thing is white color. It symbolizes the purity and sinlessness of the baptized baby. The very baptism of the newborn is a beautiful and sacred procedure, after which a record is made in the church book about this event, and the parents are given the appropriate certificate. After the very mystery, it is customary to celebrate the "christening".

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