The relationship is already over, and the "former" is dreaming. For what?

You broke up a long time ago, do not even rememberpast. You already have a new friend, and the "former" is dreaming. For what? What could mean his coming into the night vision. Maybe you miss? No! Then - he yearns. So the grandmothers said, "the former" dreams - he thinks about you, he misses you. But not everything is so ambiguous. It matters in what situation he comes to you, what happens in dreams. Let's understand what the dream book can tell us.

the former dreams about what

What does the former boyfriend dream about?

If a beautiful woman with a new happyrelationship, sees a long-lost friend in the night visions, so she subconsciously searches for a new admirer in the new cavalier. Something does not suit her in the new guy, some little thing that was very close in that, the other. Therefore, the "former" dreams. Where it leads? Yes, it is better not to bring your feelings to the negative. They can be completely controlled. Sleep pushes the girl to the analysis. Clarify for yourself, what exactly was in what is missing this? You will be surprised! But most likely this little thing is just your subjective feeling. Finding out what's wrong, you yourself will understand this.

It happens that the subconscious will throw a picture inwhich the place of the current friend is "former". Why such a vision disturbs your peace? The other, long forgotten, but still is! This indicates that you are already tired and from the existing relationship. They overworked you! This state will pass if you stay away from your boyfriend. Do not run the problem, if often a former dream. Why do you need extra experiences?

dream dream book

Fight with the former guy - to an unexpected meeting with him. In this case, it will happen only for you. He will specifically try to catch your eye. He wants to talk. About what? You'll soon find out!

What does the former spouse dream about?

It happens that the married ladies also "dream"! Why such a vision breaks into a night scene? Yes, you just think about it. Remember the good things that have long since ended. There is nothing wrong with this if you are doing well now. But we warn you not to tell the present about the dream. Can be jealous. Sonnyk believes that the former husband dreams of someone who is not quite satisfied with the existing marriage. You know better! If the husband is gone, and you could not build a new relationship, then what does it mean if the "former" dreams? This is a very promising "movie". It is designed to prepare you for a new meeting. You will get acquainted with the person who will replace you!

what does it mean if the former

When the departed husband dreams sick or unhappy,this means that he is very sorry for the break. This can please a heartbroken soul! But gloating is not worth it. This is unworthy of a woman! Advice: sympathize with the poor fellow, forgive him. Believe me, I dreamed, it means he is not sweet!

"The former" died in a dream?

Such a nightmare you will not want! But it happens and such. If you dream that your "former" has passed away, it means that you have completely freed himself from it! This person will no longer cause you any emotion: no anger, no anguish. Its just for you no more. Advice: wish him happiness! If you personally do not want to, then at least mentally! Let him, too, all go well!

So, the "former" is dreaming, so he is bored! So we should think more pleasantly. And everything else - will be resolved!

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