Dream interpretation: what does the ladder

In real life, people use ladders likefor lifting upward, and in order to go down. I wonder what it means to dream a ladder? Is it a good sign or, on the contrary, predicts dangers and trials for us? To answer these questions, we suggest that you turn to several well-known dream books for help.

what does the ladder dream about

What is the dream of a ladder: dream book of Gustavus Miller

According to this very famous dream book,the staircase seen in the dream symbolizes the upward movement: thanks to your energy and diligence you will be able to reach career heights. If you dream that you are lifting a ladder, then prosperity and great personal happiness await you. A fall from the stairs is a bad sign, symbolizing a recession in business for a trader or entrepreneur and a bad harvest for a peasant. A broken staircase is a sign of impending failures. If you dream of an escape from confinement, during which a ladder was used, then success awaits you, for the achievement of which you will have to overcome many barriers and tests.

what does the stairs look like

What is the dream of a ladder: the dream book of Freud

This dream book treats the staircase seen in the dreamas a symbol of your life. If in a dream you climb up the stairs, then in real life you should show more attention and vigilance towards the people around you. It is possible that now you are very popular with the opposite sex, whose interest is not always disinterested. But do not forget about the true friends who were always ready to share with you both success and failure. If at the very top of the stairs you see a man of the opposite sex, in reality you already know for a long time the one with whom you would like to have a more intimate relationship. But you are either afraid of confessing to this potential partner, or they are prevented from doing any external circumstances. Falling down the stairs signals a future disappointment in one of your close people.

the ladder is dreaming

What is the dream of a ladder: An ancient French dream book

If you go up the stairs in a dream, thenawakening you are waiting for disappointment, failure in business and the decline of the spirit. If you go down the stairs, it is likely that in the near future you will discover the secret of success. Falling down the stairs is a bad sign, signifying the impending woes. A broken staircase also does not bode well and promises a complete failure of all your beginnings and deeds.

What is the dream of a ladder: dream book for lovers

This dream book states that promotion in a dreamup the stairs promises you great success with the opposite sex. If, during the ascent, your head is dizzy and breathtaking, you will behave quite capriciously and strive to dominate your partner.

What does the stairs look like: esoteric dream book

According to the compilers of this dream book, the staircasein a dream is the personification of a person's life path. If you dream a ladder, on which you climb up, then in life you will find prosperity and prosperity. If, on the contrary, you go lower and lower, then you are threatened with setbacks, financial losses and other troubles. If the ladder has a round shape, then your path will be quite difficult.

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