Name Irina: description and meaning

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This female name is of Greek origin.Translated into Russian, "peace" and "peace" means the name Irina. The characterization of this nickname fully corresponds to its value. In addition, girls, so named, have diplomatic inclinations and manipulate people well.

Irina's character in her childhood

Little Irina is an independent child,which is full of determination. He adores his father and constantly reaches out to him. She studies well, is not afraid of difficulties and is ready to work to achieve the result. She reads a lot, and she likes books of absolutely different genres. It can be both a detective story and a fantasy. The girl likes to play sports. Irina is very sociable and relaxed, but prefers a man's company, because in a woman's society she gets bored very quickly. She makes friends easily.

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Irina: characteristic in psychology

A girl with that name is independent andindependent, always self-confident. On any issue, she always has her own opinion, her point of view, which she is ready to defend. He is able to clearly determine his goals and achieve their realization, always following only the dictates of his heart and mind, he does not listen to his parents or friends. Irina is able to make decisions and keep the answer for her actions, but she will never tolerate if someone encroaches on her independence or infringes her rights. Very much appreciates freedom, so no one will allow himself to manipulate or indicate what to do. Responsibility, reliability, diligence and sociability - that's what the name Irina means. The analytical mindset helps her to soberly assess reality, her life is full of plans that she must certainly carry out.

Name Irina: characteristic in the relationship

For many men, a girl with that name isa mystery. She can quickly fall in love with a person, but never deviate from her principles. Irina is very freedom-loving, therefore from a man will demand respect and acceptance of her independence. In relations she is an open and sincere person, appreciates equality and decency. She is given peace and stability in family life, but her husband must constantly show Irina that she is very important to him. If the spouse underestimates it, it can lead to treason. In the rest, she keeps loyalty and devotion to her husband. Irina adores children, she likes to be engaged in their upbringing, take care of them.

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Name Irina: characteristic in professional activity

An important moment in the life of a girl with this name -getting a profession. In addition, she never stops at what has been achieved, so career growth for her is important. Her valuable qualities - hard work, sociability, working capacity - make her a very valuable employee. The cause of one's life chooses itself. Work, as a rule, is connected with communication. She can be a teacher, a doctor, a salesman. By the way, Irina easily achieves success in business, it is best given to those industries that are related to trade.

What is the name of Irina in astrology?

This name is patronized by the planet Neptune,the suitable sign of the zodiac for her is Pisces or Sagittarius. The element of the name is water. The most favorable days of the week for Irina are Thursday and Friday. Colors that bring luck: sea, emerald, aquamarine. As an amulet, she should choose such minerals as aquamarine and topaz. Plants suitable for Irina - roses, grapes, poppies, water lily, hemp, bleached, saffron. Animals-mascots: a dolphin, a seagull, an albatross, a whale.

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