The importance of birthmarks on our body

The answer to the question, what is the significance of birthmarks,carries in itself moleosofiya. This science contains the art of predicting both the character of a person and his future destiny. According to the Moleosofy, birthmarks appear on different parts of the body and are an echo of the past life and the karma earned for it. And accordingly, they affect our present life.

The meaning of birthmarks
But we can also note the emergence of new birthmarks inthe course of our life. They appear in response to some significant actions of ours, and if it were possible to view this dependence, much would become clear to us. Many values ​​of birthmarks are underestimated. But in fact, depending on where the birthmark has appeared, what color and shape it is, you can learn a lot of interesting things.

Most often the importance of birthmarks for women and men is the same, so you can talk about them regardless of any gender.

First of all, let us consider the significance of birthmarks onface. The mole on the forehead, located above the eyebrows, speaks of the great mind of the possessor, an inexhaustible supply of energy; if the birthmark is above the bridge of the nose, it means that it is possible for such a person to reach an understanding of the great mysteries of mankind, he is even able to become a medium.

The importance of birthmarks on the body
A mole on the cheek, especially in women, speaks oftenderness, kindness of the owner; If the birthmark appeared on the cheekbones, then we can talk about the decisiveness of such a person. A mole above the upper lip marks women insidious, imperious in nature. Birthmark on the nose is a sign of sociability, ease of character, perhaps, lightheadedness of the owner. If you notice a man has a birthmark on his chin, then most likely, this person is rather overbearing, aggressive in his methods to achieve what he has conceived. Mole on the temple notes sentimental people on their ears - boastful, but unsure. The mole on the neck speaks of imbalance, weak will.

Next, consider the meaning of birthmarks on the bodyrights. The birthmark on the shoulder is one of the most revealing signs of the influence of the karma of past lives. It is seen as a heavy burden on the shoulders of the owner, so he often lacks the determination to take important actions. The mole on the breast is of great importance for women and is a sign of love, however it can be treated in different ways: it can carry in itself or the worship of others,

birthmark on foot
either to do the very owner of passionate passion. The mole on the abdomen is in people who are subject to emotions, whether it is hysteria in women or a tendency to fear in men. Birthmark on the back is typical of demanding people both to themselves and to others. Often people with such birthmarks are dedicated to sports.

Now we know what the birthmark on the leg means. The importance of moles on the leg is considered depending on their exact position: on the thigh - a sign of reclusion, difficulties in finding their place among others; on the lower leg is a sign of an easy rise to a man striving to conquer new peaks; on the feet - a sign of either serious illnesses or a person's vitality.

The importance of birthmarks on the hand also depends on thetheir specific location: on the wrists - the vulnerability of a person; on the forearm - ease in establishing comfort; on the elbow - inability to live; The meaning of birthmarks on the palms is best described by the science of palmistry.

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