What do the unfamiliar guys dream about? We'll find out!

what are the unfamiliar guys

Sometimes, waking up in the morning, women are askedthe question of what strangers are dreaming about? And anyway, night vision is an accident or not? Recent researches of scientists have shown that in the dream our brain works much more intensively, rather than during the day, and analyzes like a computer everything that happens with us (in real life), sometimes giving a result that we did not expect. To understand our night visions, we will be helped by various dream books, recently there are quite a lot of them, we will give the main ones. So, what are the dreams of strangers or men?

Miller's dream book tells us that if you seea handsome man is a good sign that promises pleasure and fun. An unpleasant young man predicts disappointment and depression. A man with physical disabilities means that you run the risk of experiencing experiences because of your friends.

What does the other guy dream about, according to the dream bookWangi? If a young woman sees a male image - to be respected by her. A good-natured fat man predicts a carefree life, and a short-lived stranger is some kind of obstacle. A guy with physical defects speaks of deceit and betrayal of close people.

what's the other guy dreaming about

Freud wrote that to dream an unknown young man for a man means that he constantly thinks about some opponent, he is haunted by the fear of leaving the woman unsatisfied.

What the unfamiliar ladies dream of a girl, explain even easier - this is her idea of ​​the ideal.

According to the dream book of Nostradamus, a young mansymbolizes a new business that will successfully end, the old man means wisdom and all honors. If a man is calling a girl, she will be deceived. When a lot of guys - it's to the patronage.

Lopff's dream book tells us that if you saw a stranger - you have to make a choice between wealth and your honor. A gift from him to the girl means a long-awaited meeting.

In the dream book of Tsvetkov the following interpretation: a woman to see a man - to receive pleasure, a bearded man - to illness, naked - to condemnation.

what do strangers see

What are the unfamiliar guys dreaming about Hasse's dream book? On it - this is certainly a good sign, which promises protection and support in difficult times. If a man is bald - this is to everyone's respect and profit. Intimate relationship with a young man - to the loss of any property.

According to Meneghetti's dream book, a guy in a dream meanspsychological "irritated", disagreement with himself. If you dream a man in his age - it symbolizes your attitude to your father. A naked young man tells you about the dangers that haunt you.

Also one of the most popular, is the dream bookLongo. He tells you that seeing a nice man, you will be lucky in all your endeavors. These are very favorable dreams. If this is an unpleasant stranger, then it's worth thinking about everything before starting to plan a new case.

What do strangers see? There are many interpretations. According to one of them, to see strangers who evoke sympathy - to positive changes in life. If strangers are unpleasant to you, there are likely to be events with a minus sign.

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