What does the dog dream about? The dream book tells all

More often than other animals in a dream, we see a dog. Why her? Initially, the dog is a symbol of our primitive instincts. It also symbolizes the aspects of adaptation in society. The more aggressive and angrier in her dreams - the worse social adaptation of a person. It is important in what state you dream of a dog. The dream interpreter will answer many variations. Often dogs in a dream symbolize some specific facets of our "I" that can manifest themselves spontaneously and will be natural feelings. These include, for example, loyalty, loyalty, affection.

Asking the dream book what the dog dreams about, I want toget the answer that this is fortunately, for some reason it is believed that when a dog dreams - it's good. You must carefully read the dream book (interpretation of dreams): the dog does not always symbolize a positive attitude. Puppies in a dream symbolize children or those people who enable a woman to realize her original instincts by caring for another person. In mythology, dogs were always guards at the gates of death. They were also messengers who delivered messages to the world of people from the underworld. If you dream about a dog, the dream book asks you to pay attention to her emotional state: she is aggressive or not, and maybe the dog is very friendly. Equally important are your feelings towards the animal.

If in life you love dogs and you dream that youtake care of the dog, play with it - most likely the meaning of such a dream will be that in life you want only to have fun and entertain. If you often dream of a dog, the dream book will say that you have an irresistible desire to have a faithful and faithful friend that you can rely on.

If you have a naughty dog ​​that youlead on a leash, and she pulls the other way, this dream says that in life you are badly fit in the circle of friends, perhaps even there is a feeling that you have very little in common with them. Asking a dream book, what the dog dreams about, you can find out your hidden desires and thoughts. If in your sleep during a walk the dog breaks off the leash and runs away, while the leash drags along the ground behind it, then most likely in real life there is a fear of losing the trust of friends.

If in a dream your dog walks nearby ona short leash, then in life you try to control their violent emotions. Someone else keeps your own dog in a dream on a leash - this is a sign that in reality another person is trying to completely control you. It is important to correctly interpret the dream book, the interpretation of dreams. A dog can behave differently, and this also matters. If it is aggressive, it means that one of the friends is dishonest towards you. If you hear loud dog barking in a dream, it means that you are holding someone against someone and your anger will come out very soon. If you are dreaming of a barking dog happily, the dream book will interpret it as approaching good news. Affectionate, friendly dog ​​in a dream means that in life you have a gentle and very caring friend. If in a dream you see a big, sometimes even a huge dog, then you need a defender and, probably, very soon it will appear.

It's bad if you were bitten by a dog in a dream - soon youcan betray a loved one whom you trust. But if you had a black dog in a dream, you should be extremely cautious. Such a dog often acts as a messenger of a severe illness or even death. A dog of white color means completely the opposite - soon healing from a terrible illness or illness will occur. If the dog that sits near the door is dreaming, be attentive to your housing, perhaps the thieves have laid eyes on him and the dog in this dream acts as the guard of your home.

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