Male Rooster / Aries: characteristic, compatibility. People born in the year of the Rooster

From the earliest times, the development of society has not ledonly to the improvement of the tools of labor and the automation of the working processes of man. It also concerned the development of an understanding of the very nature of man, the causes of his actions. It is from such considerations that different classifications of human characters were created that would help to predict the behavior of an individual person by referring it to any of the groups. Many of these classifications have attracted attention so far. Among them - astrological horoscopes.

The combination of Western and Eastern astrology

Western astrology and its teachings about the naturepeople are based on the most ancient observations of the movement of the moon and Jupiter. The change in the phases of the natural satellite of the Earth, the energy of Yin and Yang, the existence of the five main elements (water, fire, metal, earth and wood) all affect human life.

male cock Aries Characteristics

Unlike Chinese philosophy, Western teachingsbased on observations of the Sun. The movement of the Earth around him, the change of seasons - this is what has the greatest impact on man. Western astrology uses in its concept 4 main elements - earth, water, fire and air.

Such a difference between these civilizations gives rise to a dilemma - which of the horoscopes has a greater impact on the fate and character of a person? How are the characteristics of one and the second sign combined?

Year of the Rooster and people born under this sign

Bright and eccentric, loving to be in the centerattention and establish many contacts - that's what they are, people born in the year of the Rooster. This sign, like the animal, embodies it, carries in itself some kind of charisma, the ability to communicate and make an impression. With all this, he can not be accused of superficiality. Roosters on a horoscope are very honest, than they win the disposition of serious people.

what cock year

These qualities help them to be goodleaders, and perseverance and diligence - to achieve good heights in a career. In general, what year of the Rooster - such is the man - a flowing of ideas, creative and emotional.

Men born in the year of the Rooster love comfort andseek to establish a family life. To do this, they are ready to work hard, provide a family and make efforts to raise children. As for relations with women, the periods of a man's life can be divided into "before" and "after". Before marriage, the Rooster loves women's attention, enjoys the fact that they can win the disposition of the opposite sex. After the wedding, this is an exemplary family man, who, although he loves romance, but does not aspire to it.

What year the Rooster is the nearest - this is answered by the eastern horoscope. 2017 will be held under the sign of the Fiery Cock. This time promises to be truly bright, full of changes and unexpected events.

Aries Men Born in the Year of the Rooster

As for the most similar signs in the eastern andwestern astrological calendar, it is Aries and Rooster. They are united by a common element - fire, which makes such a union even more saturated in its manifestations. Invariably active, emotional, sociable - such a man Rooster-Aries. Its characteristics are supplemented by such features as quick temper, stubbornness, egocentrism and high self-esteem.

people born in the year of a rooster

The ability to beautifully talk and bewitchthe public is combined with the desire to support and encourage the other. The desire to grab for a lot of things at the same time - with the ability to finish what was started. As a leader, a man born under two fire signs can be authoritarian, not accepting other opinions, except his own. However, he has time to listen to all and, if possible, please. This symbiosis of qualities makes him a talented leader.

Male Rooster-Aries (characteristic of his signs isconfirms) is a complex nature. Despite this, such a person always gives the impression of a cheerful and purposeful personality, whose energy and enthusiasm will last for ten.

male cock compatibility

Features of personal life

A man born in the year of the Rooster (sign - Aries),becomes no less communicative, but more stubborn in defending his point of view. Such persistence nevertheless does not prevent a man from making many friends. With the course of his life, he always knows how to find such a company that accepts it and allows it to be the focus of attention.

Aries-Cocks love children. If a boy is born, they are with great joy trying to raise him a real man.

In family relationships, despite the skillrecognize their guilt and apologize, people born in the year of the Rooster and under the sign of Aries, often provoke many conflicts. This is due to their explosive nature. In such cases, it is better not to heat up the situation and let it "cool down".

Love relationship

Characteristics of the character of Aries-Roosters are manifested andin relations with women. Such men love the novelty and brightness of feelings, so they often find it in different ladies. He is very attentive to his chosen one. Likes to give gifts and get for this admiration of his personality.

With age, the love of women's attention is transformed into a desire to find a companion for life. If he marries, it is only for love. And this relationship is ready to be given entirely.

If you imagine the greatest jealous,then this man is Rooster-Aries. Characteristic of him as impulsive and loving to be the only one that confirms this. The companion of life must be patient and wise, next to her, such a man will feel himself unique.

Compatibility with a man born under the sign of the Rooster

An unfavorable alliance will be relations witha woman born under the sign of the Rat, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Goat or the Pig. With these signs the man-Rooster will not be surprised. Compatibility is complicated because the goals and temperament are too different in the couple.

 Year of the cock sign Aries

Unequivocal can be an alliance where there areWoman-Rooster and Man Rooster-Aries. Characteristic of such relations is reduced to one - "tug of the blanket." In order for this pair to have a chance of success, one must learn to negotiate and share responsibilities.

A more favorable outlook for the pairmale Rooster and women of such signs: Bull, Dragon, Snake. The bull can control the uncontrollable gusts of the Rooster and thus create the well-being of the family. With the Snake, although there is some opposition, but there is a tendency to complement each other. And with the Dragon, stability is possible with the mutual desire to be together.

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