Why does an engagement ring dream?

If a woman dreamed of an engagement ring,which looked bright and sparkling, then in reality she will receive protection in many areas of her life. The dreamer will avoid betrayals, infidelity and other similar problems. Not very good if the decoration is broken, bent. Then sleep warns about the upcoming tests. Will be sad.

And why dream an engagement ring that is not on your finger, but on the hand of a person close to you? It is possible that you will fall into temptation and can not resist some kind of temptation.

Traditionally we will consider various sourcesinterpretation of dreams. Why does the wedding ring look brilliant, bright? The general dream book confirms the previously proposed interpretation of this symbol. If it is damaged, broken, then pay attention to the promises that you give to people. Are you really able to fulfill them? The word, as you know, is not a sparrow, but a good name is more valuable than wealth.

The Ukrainian dream book is not terse, but concrete ininterpretation. Why does an engagement ring dream? If it's golden, then it's going to be a wedding, and silver promises trouble. There is a source of interpretation of dreams, called "Dream Interpretation from A to Z". Here, such visions entail not only marriage, but also a happy life, the birth of healthy children.

Explanatory dictionary of dreams promises a dreamerprotection from infidelity. In other respects, the previously interpreted interpretations of this symbol are confirmed here. The same can be said about the Family Dream Book, which almost duplicates the previous ones. The more similar evidence, the more accurate the interpretation, is not it?

Dream Interpretive clarifies that if thisthe decoration in a dream is beautiful and glitters, then from troubles you will be protected by your lover. In general, this product is a symbol of loyalty, a covenant, certain obligations. Wangi's dream interpretation testifies that if in a dream you put a ring on a finger of a loved one, then in real life you can be trusted. You are a responsible woman, ready to be responsible for your actions.

If this decoration puts on your finger somestranger, then the long-running problems will finally be resolved positively. Maybe you can not dream that you can not find a product for yourself in size. In this case, you are especially attached to none of your boyfriends. Why do you dream of an engagement ring flying off your finger? This in real life is a bad sign and a bad dream. Perhaps you have broken the covenant of faithfulness? Now you will have to undergo severe tests.

Are you familiar with Lonn's Dreambook? Here it is explained that the dreamed magic ring says that you have supernatural gifts. Also, if this symbol is dreaming as a figure, then you are under Divine protection.

What if you find this object or yourselfmade in a dream? Think about your life in real life. Is there a person in it who is trying to take you under their control? Perhaps you do not need such guardianship, and it is too late to take appropriate measures?

Sonnik Tsvetkova says that such visionsentail a love affair. But the loss of such decoration leads to divorce or separation. What does the wedding ring for Miss Hasse's dream look like? Be a wedding! If you are given to him, then to fidelity in love. See this symbol on your finger, then your marriage promises to be happy and bring you much joy. Here is the loss of a ring in a vision in accordance with all the dream books not for good, but for parting, annoyance, disappointment.

Esoteric dream book warns dreamer aboutsadness, if she dreamed of a ring with a stone. It also says that the dreamed decoration can be a warning about divorce, parting with your beloved.

We turn to the French Dream Book, whichwe finish the research. In this source, the ring in a dream carries with it a love relationship and a wedding in reality. And we wish you strong family relations, love and loyalty!

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