Compatibility of the female Virgo and the Aries, as well as the Virgo and the Aries

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What can I say about the compatibility of a female virginand Aries Men? This pair in the relationship will be very difficult. They are too different in their character and outlook on the world. Virgo are very logical persons, they constantly weigh everything and think, but Aries is used to acting, he does not like to evaluate all the pros and cons for a long time. A woman in this pair is very affectionate and unobtrusive, brings order to the chaotic lifestyle of a man. She is very cheerful and pleasant. Virgin calm and educated, prone to self-criticism, do not ask for gratitude and tenderness, although they need them. Aries is the opposite of her woman, he is intrusive, creative and explosive, constantly in motion and with a million brilliant ideas. Praise to him is vital, from this he blossoms and is ready to create further with a vengeance. The love of these zodiac signs is shrouded in a fog of charm, there is no place for sex in their relationship for the sake of sex.

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The Aries man is an over-idealistic idealist, andthe Virgo woman does not recognize vulgarity. Their intimate relationships will always be pure and honest, but this does not mean that they are devoid of emotions. The Aries man is the embodiment of passion, because his ruling planet is Mars. With the Virgin, he is infinitely affectionate, and she responds to him in return and rejoices at his vivid emotions. In this union, a woman will never give herself up to passion and love completely, but a man is capable of this. The compatibility of female Virgo and Aries is low - about 48%, which is not entirely favorable, based on astrological forecasts. This couple rarely changes in a relationship, however, for various reasons. The Aries man never acknowledges his mistakes. If he chose this woman, then he is right. Relations should be like Romeo and Juliet, because they could not bother each other or stop loving. The virgin strives for perfection in everything except feelings. Aries - the same idealist, but in love in the first place. Feelings for the fire sign stand in the first place. He will not abandon his half solely because of his passion and desires. Compatibility of the female Virgo and the Aries is tested by life difficulties. Usually their love does not cool down. Simply powerful external pressure forces them to move away from each other. Hindrance to family happiness is her enthusiasm (rather, obsession) of domestic affairs and work, as well as his search for himself and fiery ambitions, the desire to reach any peaks, pushing the loved ones to the background. The compatibility of the female Virgo and the Aries man to someone may seem very low. Some consider their union doomed to perish, but it is not. If he is selfless, and she begins to trust and support his beginnings, then a joint life can become happy and lasting.

Compatibility: girl-Aries, male Virgo

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For him, she is tender, feminine, soft and eternalyoung at heart. Yes, perhaps it is very strange, but Mars driven, aggressive, aggressive and passionate woman-Aries can become just like that with a male Virgo. Even after quarrels, she can make him believe in love and happiness as the very first time. Despite sincere feelings, such unions rarely end in marriage. The Virgo man on the subconscious level is afraid of the stamp in the passport, and the impatient woman-Aries rarely can wait for the offer, so she usually initiates the parting. If the novel is long and both partners take a decisive step, the family will turn out to be quite good. Girl-Aries, the man-Virgo - a pretty harmonious couple in a sexual way. They gladly raise their connection to a higher emotional and spiritual level, rather than just physical, carnal hobbies. A man in this pair should not criticize Aries. Over time, he will understand that the fire of this woman is much safer for him than her cold. If Aries cool down, then say "for now" and indifferently go in search of a more emotional relationship. If this pair breaks off, then the woman intuitively will come to happiness and find her ideal, which you can not say about Virgo, because she will never be able to meet him because of a constant desire to find cons in a partner. A man in this couple needs more freedom and loneliness. A woman must understand this, then their union can be ideal. Although they say that there is no eternal love, but this couple does wonders with ease. The man-virgo and the woman-Aries fall in love once and for all.

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