The Flood, and what we know about it

The so-called world or great floodrepresents a colossal catastrophe. This event is described in many religions, legends and myths. The essence of the cataclysm occurred is that the whole Earth was flooded with water, and all the living things on it perished.

We can find out what is said about such an event,as a worldwide flood, the Bible. Perhaps, this source is by far the most accessible for wide study. In the Bible, in the sixth chapter of Genesis, it is said that the Earth at that time was filled with atrocities. It is literally written that she was corrupt in the presence of God.

At the same time, the creator of heaven from the earth decided toextermination of all living things. It's not just about people, but about animals and birds. However, a certain person in those distant times stood out from all the others in that he lived righteously. It is for this reason that God decided to save his life and his family. This man was called Noah. Before setting a world flood on the earth, God commanded Noah to build an ark. This is a huge structure, in which, in addition to Noah's family, animals were supposed to fit in.

All living creatures needed to bepair. The Bible says that God made a covenant with Noah. After the people and other living beings, destined for salvation, were out of danger, a worldwide flood began. This disaster lasted for 40 days and the same number of nights. At the same time, it seems that the water was poured not only from heaven, but also from the bowels of the earth.

How is it known? From the Bible. The seventh chapter of the first biblical book, called Genesis, tells us that after the rescued came into the ark, all the sources of the great abyss opened up, and the heavenly windows opened. It turns out that the water flowed not only from the sky windows, but also from some abyss.

Ethnologists know hundreds of legends tellingabout the Flood. As for modern Christianity, the ark, in which the chosen souls are saved from a great catastrophe, is nothing else but a symbol of the savior of the world of Jesus Christ. In the New Testament, the Gospel records the words of Christ, which says that only those who come to Him and believe in Him will be saved on earth. Moreover, He says that the one who believes in Him will be in Him.

Historians have established that the myth of the Flood findsreflection in even more ancient sources than the Bible. Such a legend is found in the Assyrian legend written on clay tablets, which was kept in the library of the Assyrian king named Ashurbanipal. The age of the plates dates back to the 7th century BC. There is also the Sumerian myth, which mentions a worldwide flood. This is part of the notorious Tale of Gilgamesh.

It is noteworthy that in the early 90s of the pastcentury during the excavation was found the ancient Sumerian city of Ur. The results of the excavations allowed archaeologists to make an assumption that in the city found there are signs of the catastrophe described in the Bible and the myths, called the Flood. In particular, it could be determined by the river sediments present here.

Subsequently, in these excavations, held inMesopotamia, other cities were found in which the same river bed was found. It is believed that the Sumerian legend of the flood totals six thousand years. It is described here in the same way as in the Bible, up to the released pigeon that returned, but the next dove no longer returned, but found the land. The difference is that in the Sumerian tradition a swallow was released for the second time.

As for the scientific point of view about thisglobal catastrophe, the opinions are radically divided. Some scientists argue that the global flood is just a myth. Others give evidence of the presence on earth of this phenomenon. The author of the article saw a film created by the Moody Institute, which provides evidence of the flood. The arguments seemed convincing to me, and I believe the Bible, but let everyone decide how and what to believe in it.

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