Dream Interpretation: What a dream tears

As you know, tears can be a consequence of bothnegative, sad emotions, and happy and happy experiences. And what if the tears dreamed us? What to expect from such a vision? We propose to seek the interpretation of several of the most accurate and complete to date sources.

what is the dream of a tear

Miller's dream: what a dream tears

According to the interpretation of this source,in which your own tears appear, is a bad sign, prophesying woes. Seeing others crying - to a situation in which the sorrows and sorrows of the dreamer touch the hearts of the surrounding people.

What is the dream of a tear: An ancient French dream book

Compilers of this source consider crying or tears in a dream as a symbol of the coming joyful and pleasant events and meetings that will bring you much fun, joy and happiness.

Islamic dream book: what do tears mean in a dream?

The cold ones are a foretaste of joy and happiness,and the hot promise of sadness and anxiety. In some cases, tears in a dream are a reflection of loneliness and longing for relatives and friends that you were forced to part with. If you saw tears on your face, but do not cry, then perhaps the behavior of some person will upset you, but you will have to keep your discontent with yourself, not daring to tell it to others.

what do tears mean in a dream

Dream from A to Z: what does a teardrop

If you dream that you cut a bow and youtears flowed, then you will be forced to yield to someone's insistent demands. If, however, the cause of tears is grinding on the grater, then you will be disappointed in connection with the discovery of infidelity of the spouse. Calming a crying child in a dream - to the numerous troubles associated with other people's children. A dream in which you see your own mother crying, promises loneliness. If you dreamed that you laughed to tears, then in real life you risk an unfair reproach to cause grief for a loved one.

tears interpretation of dreams

What is the dream of a tear: Dream XXI centuries

This source treats crying in a dream likea foretaste of joyous events, consolation in grief, prosperity and happiness. If a dreamer calms a sobbing woman, then in real life he expects a break with his beloved person.

The Dream Wizard's dream: what dreams of tears

Interpretation of dreams in which one way or anotherthere are tears or sobs that you can not contain, according to this source, is the inability of a dreamer in real life to resist the blows of fate. Most likely, you constantly complain about a hard life, the actions of other people, and blame yourself for your own failures, just not yourself. Try to change your point of view, otherwise you'll just wasted time and set yourself against others. The teardrop in a dream reflects your unwillingness to put your problems on public display. You prefer to go through everything alone, without inconveniencing others. Perhaps, it is necessary to trust people a little more, after all your relatives and relatives are always ready to support you.

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