Prayer on Christmas Eve. Conspiracy and divination

The Orthodox Church has established manyholidays in memory of the most significant events of sacred history. Undoubtedly, the most important of these is the Passover of Christ, the day of resurrection of our Savior from the dead. But the next of the most revered holidays is Christmas - the day in which the Child Jesus appeared in the world from the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. You can say a lot about the meaning of this holiday, but it's enough to notice only one thing: there would not be Christmas, there would not be Easter, so every prayer on Christmas Eve is imbued with the joy of a miracle that happened.

The beginning of the festive worship

The day before the holiday is called "Christmas Eve", this is the last day of the Christmas Lent. He ends up with a service in the temple, which is called the Evening, or Vespers.

Prayer on Christmas Eve
It is the beginning of the festive VigilVigils. On the Vespers we read passages from the Old Testament, which contain predictions about the birth of the Messiah. The whole service and every prayer on Christmas Eve are filled with a single meaning - the One who was foretold by the Old Testament prophets came to the world.

Chants in the Morning

At the end of the Vespers, the so-calledsticherons on the line. These are put on the music of the poetic presentation of the individual psalms that are directly related to this holiday. After the festive evening service, Matins should be followed. It consists of a number of hymns, the content of which reveals the idea of ​​the Incarnation.

At the Nativity the Christmastroparion. This is a joyful chant that glorifies God. But this is not just a prayer on Christmas Eve, it's laid down on verses outlining the dogmas of Orthodoxy. In them the idea of ​​love as the main driving force occupies a dominant place.

Echoes of pagan times

In the national consciousness, Christmas Eve alwayswas full of mystery and mysticism. This was the reason that in large numbers there were always conspiracies on Christmas Eve. It's hard to even imagine what aspects of life they did not touch.

Plots on Christmas Eve

Among them were conspiracies and materialprosperity and prosperity, and health, family happiness, and prosperous childbirth. We could ask for anything, but we always had to keep in mind that we are turning to good and bright forces, which can only help in good deeds. There is nothing bad to ask of them. And yet, conspiracies are a concession to paganism. His time has passed, and on this holiday for an Orthodox person nothing can be better than a sincere prayer on Christmas Eve.

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