The Koran - what is it? Structure and language of the Scriptures

Russia is a multinational state. This causes a large number of religions, which are officially registered in the territory of the Russian Federation. Because of ignorance of elementary things about other religions and scriptures, conflict situations often arise. You can resolve this situation. In particular, you should read the answer to the question: "The Koran - what is it?"

What is the essence of the Koran?

The word "Koran" is of Arab origin. In translation into Russian means "recitative", "reading aloud". The Qur'an is the main book of the Muslims, which according to tradition is a copy of the Holy Scripture - the pervocline, which is stored in heaven.

Koran what is it?

Before answering the question of whether the Quran -that such, it is necessary to say a few words about the origin of the Scripture. The text of the Muslim main book was sent to Muhammad through the mediator - Jebrail - by Allah himself. In the world period Muhammad recorded only a few notes. After his death, the question arose about the creation of the Holy Scripture.

Muhammad's followers memorizedsermons, which were later formed into a single book - the Koran. What is the Quran? First of all, an official document of Muslims, written in Arabic. It is believed that the Koran is an uncreated book that will exist eternally, like Allah.

Who was recording the Qur'an?

According to historical data, Mohammed could notread and write. That's why he memorized the revelations from Allah, after which he pronounced them aloud with his follower. They, in turn, memorized the messages by heart. For a more accurate transmission of the scriptures, followers used improvised means to record revelations: some resorted to parchment, someone to wooden planks or pieces of leather.

The Koran in Russian

However, the most proven way to keep meaningThe scripture was a retelling to specially trained readers who could memorize long sunnahs-ayahs. Hafiz in the future accurately conveyed the revelations told to them, despite the stylistic complexity of fragments of the Koran.

The sources recorded about 40 people,who were engaged in writing Revelations. However, during the lifetime of Muhammad, surah was known to few people and practically not in demand. This is due to the fact that there was no need for a single Holy Scripture. The first created copy of the Koran after the death of the Prophet was kept by his wife and daughter.

Structure of the Quran

The sacred book of Muslims consists of 114 chapters,fragments, which are called "sura". Al-Fatiha - the first sura - opens the Koran. It is a prayer from 7 verses, which is read by all believers. The content of the prayer is a summary of the essence of the Quran. That's why the believers say it every time, making five times daily prayer.

reading the Quran

The remaining 113 chapters of the Koran are located in the Scriptures indecreasing order, from higher to lower. In the beginning, suras have large volumes, they are real treatises. At the end of the book, fragments consist of several verses-ayahs.

Thus, one can answer the question: The Koran - what is it? This is a clearly structured religious book, which has two periods: Meccan and Medin, each of which symbolizes a certain stage in the life of Muhammad.

In what language is the Holy Book of Muslims written?

As noted above, the recognized language of the Koran- Arabic. However, to understand the essence of Scripture, the book can be translated into other languages. But in this case it is necessary to speak about the subjective transfer of the meaning of the Holy Scripture to an interpreter who was able to convey his own interpretation to the readers. In other words, the Qur'an in Russian is only a kind of Sacred Scripture. The only true option is the Koran, written in Arabic, which appeared on earth by the will of Allah.


The Koran in Russian takes place, but any righteous believer should come to the reading of the script in the source language.

The style in which the Qur'an was written

It is believed that the style in which the Quran is stated,is unique, unlike either the Old or the New Testament. Reading the Koran reveals abrupt transitions from the first person to the third narrative and vice versa. Moreover, in the surahs believers can meet different rhythmic patterns, which complicates the study of the message, but gives it uniqueness, leads to a change in the topic, and also gives a little hint of secrecy in the future.

Extracts of surahs that have a completed thought, inMost of them are syllables, but they do not represent poetry. It is impossible to attribute the fragments of the Quran to prose. During the reading of the Holy Scriptures in Arabic or Russian, a large number of images and situations arise, which are reflected by intonation and the meaning of phrases.

The Qur'an is not just a book. This is the Holy Scripture for all Muslims living on Earth, which absorbed the basic rules of the life of righteous believers.

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