What stones are suitable for Virgo? All colors of autumn

what stones are suitable for virgins

A sign belonging to the elements of the Earth, for all itsConstancy sometimes surprises with changeability. This is because the Virgin is born on the border of late summer and early autumn. The color range is light, warm as the sun, soft as a blooming green, like yellowing foliage of saturated shades, like ripe fruit.

Which stones are suitable for Virgo. Talisman talisman

The guardian of Dev is the carnelian. This universal stone has a beneficial effect on health, gives cheerfulness and strength of spirit. But overly emotional people, on the contrary, calms, helps to relax and eliminates the increased anxiety, in connection with this is an excellent remedy for insomnia. Carnelian defends his Virgo from gossip and slander. Lonely representatives of the sign of this talisman should be kept near the heart, then they will certainly be lucky in love. And if you carry a stone near the diseased organ, you will soon be on the mend.

Which stones are suitable for Virgo. Autumn waltz of stones

what stones are suitable for a virgin
Jade, sapphire, jadeite, amber, ruby, felineeyes, rock crystal, coral, chrysoprase, malachite, agate, jasper, topaz are circled in an autumn waltz, providing security to the sign of the Earth and all kinds of blessings and joys. But first things first. Here are the most suitable minerals for this constellation.

Which stones are suitable for Virgo. Magical properties and function

Jade is the sacred stone of many peoples, a symbolvictory, including on themselves, their fears and insecurities. Talisman of single Virgos. It makes the owner grow spiritually, change color, grow turbid, if his owner commits bad misdeeds and is a bad person.

Amber is the guarantor of good health, secret knowledge and love in its pure form. A powerful talisman of people in whose fate a misfortune has occurred. Helps cope with grief and find the strength to live on.

Rubin - victory on all fronts, especially in a love direction. It is a stone for people with ambitions, true, devoid of vanity.

Rock crystal - spiritual growth, connection with the invisible world. Protection from evil spells, from spoiling.

Coral - a stone of love and success, happiness and faithfulness.

Chrysoprase is a mineral of inventors, new ideas and their advancement. This green chalcedony is able to prevent color changes, haziness of danger. It drives away nightmares, dispels fears.

stones for the virgin
Malachite is a stone of wisdom, knowledge. It makes you take an adequate approach to criticism, listen to sensitive remarks. Protects children from spoilage and evil eye.

Agate - purity and integrity, as the sign of Virgo itself. It protects from the intrigues of enemies, protects. Gives strength, wisdom and courage.

Jasper is another universal stone, symboltranquility and prosperity. Like all chalcedony, it is able to protect at a distance. For example, if you insert a photo of a person dear to you in a jasper frame, the talisman will securely store your loved one. It will be useful to carry the mineral with you in your bag or pocket. These stones for the Virgin represent a special value for their properties.

Sapphire is loyalty and devotion, chastity and love. This is the stone of leaders, giving power over society. It protects the family and the world within the walls of the house. Keeps the bonds of marriage from betrayal and betrayal.

Which stones are suitable for Virgo. Special Talismans

stone of the virgin
Jade and carnelian are the main talismans for Dev. There is one rule here: you need to adjust the stones to platinum or silver, but not to gold. The magical properties of these minerals are given above.

Be kinder!

After learning which stones are suitable for the Virgin, it is important to remember,that many of them are capable of doing harm, of course, only if the owner of the stone is a man with evil intentions and intentions. In addition, people are aggressive and ruthless minerals are capable of revenge and bring a lot of grief and misery.

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