Feast of the Trinity: what do we know about it?

The history of Christianity preserves the memory of manygreat events. In order to be easier to navigate and not miss an important day, many believers use an Orthodox calendar. However, the main holidays are few, and one of them is the Feast of the Holy Trinity. How much do we know about him? If you ask the first person who comes to know about the celebration of the Trinity festival in the Christian world, he will most likely say that this day symbolizes the triune of the divine essence: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Although this is true, but at the same time it is far from all that you need to know about this great day.

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How the feast of the Trinity arose

According to the Holy Scriptures, on the fiftieth dayAfter Christ was resurrected, a real miracle happened. At nine o'clock in the morning, when people gathered in the temple for prayer and sacrifice, there was a noise over the Zion room, as if from a stormy wind. This noise was heard in every corner of the house in which the apostles were, and suddenly, fire tongues appeared on their heads, which slowly fell on each of them. This flame had an extraordinary property: it was shining, but it did not burn. But even more surprising were those spiritual qualities that filled the hearts of the apostles. Each of them felt a huge surge of energy, enthusiasm, joy, peace and a burning love for God. The apostles began to glorify the Lord, and it turned out that they speak not in their native Jewish, but in other languages ​​that they do not understand. This is how the ancient prophecy, prophesied by John the Baptist, was fulfilled (Matthew 3:11). On this day the Church was born, and in honor of this the Trinity festival appeared. By the way, not everyone knows that this event has one more name - Pentecost, meaning that it is celebrated fifty days after the onset of Easter.

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What is the significance of the feast of the Trinity

Some people consider this event onlyimagination of the authors of the Bible. Because most often this unbelief is due to ignorance of Holy Scripture, we will tell what happened next. Seeing what is happening to the apostles, people began to gather around them. And even then there were skeptics who laughed and explained everything happening with the influence of wine. Others were perplexed, and seeing this, the apostle Peter stepped forward and explained to the assembled that the descent of the Holy Spirit is the fulfillment of ancient prophecies, including the prophecies of Joel (Joel 2: 28-32), which is aimed at saving people. This first sermon was very brief and at the same time simple, but since Peter's heart was filled with divine grace, many on that day decided to repent, and toward evening the number of baptized and accepted Christians grew from 120 to 3000 people.

holiday trinity in 2013
It is not for nothing that the Orthodox Church believes this dateHappy birthday. After this event, the apostles began to preach the Word of God throughout the world, and everyone had the opportunity to find their true path and find the right landmarks in life. Knowing all the details of this grandiose event, it is difficult to remain a skeptic and an unbeliever. It remains to add that the holiday of the Trinity in 2013 was celebrated on June 23, and next year, 2014, this event will be celebrated on June 8. Meanwhile, Easter next year falls on April 20.

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