How to tell the children about Easter? Easter pictures for children

Every year before the onset of the most importantthe holiday of Christians, parents who believe in God, face the problem of how to tell the children about Easter. After all, in the absence of interest, a child can refuse to observe all Easter traditions. In addition, if it comes to the agony that Jesus experienced, a small listener may get scared, which will also adversely affect the future attitude to the holiday. Therefore, it is very important to correctly approach the solution of this problem.

About the Easter holiday

how to tell the children about Easter
The first thing to tell the children about Easter,it is necessary to explain why this is the name of this holiday. This story is best to begin with the fact that in the old days the Jewish nation inhabited the lands of Egypt and was enslaved by powerful pharaohs. It was as a result of this that God sent an angel to the earth, who took all the first-born of the Egyptian people. As for the Jewish newborns, they remained alive. This is due to the fact that this nation has anointed all the shoals at home with the blood of a young lamb. At the end of the story, it should be mentioned that Jesus also shed blood for people, but was able to rise again. It is thanks to this story that a child can understand that the symbol of the holiday is Christ. It can also be explained that the Savior thanks to the crucifixion took upon himself all the sins that mankind created. This will help to smooth out the unpleasant impressions of the child about the history.

The word "risen"

Holy Easter
Before telling the children about Easter, explainim, which means the concept of "resurrect". After all, this word will occur in the history and life of the child quite often. Especially in the days of the celebration of this event. To correctly convey to the small listener the concept of the word "resurrected", it is best to consider all possible questions that may appear in the course of the story. First it must be said that this word denotes the rebirth of man from the dead. In case the child asks why it happened, it is advisable not to get scared, but to prepare for such a question in advance. This is due to the fact that the child may think that he is deceived. It is best to say that Christ is God and man in one person. But God, as everyone knows, can not be killed.

On the expression "Christ is risen"

Easter pictures
After the story of the birth of the feast of Easter, you cantalk with the child about why during this holiday at the meeting it is customary to say "Christ is risen!". This story needs to start with the fact that thanks to this greeting people share the joy and news that Christ received a new birth. It is also advisable to tell the child that for Easter, another special expression has been spoken in response. If the child knows the phrase to be spoken, let him repeat it. If for him this is news, it is necessary to explain that the greeting "Christ is risen!" Must be answered "Truly Risen!". Thanks to this answer, the person also expresses joy about this event.

External traditions of Easter

Easter drawings of children
No less important in the story of the Passover is anda reference to the traditions that must be observed during this holiday. It is necessary to explain what exactly for such an event bake cakes and make cottage cheese Easter. In addition, on the eve of Easter, chicken eggs are painted. It is also worth noting that during the celebration it is desirable that on the table there was holy Easter and eggs. Therefore, in the morning it is necessary to take it to the church and consecrate these products there.

Painted eggs for Easter

To connect all the traditions of Easter, it is necessary to explain why they should be observed. In this case, it is best to tell the story that gave birth to this tradition.

If you need to explain the baby, why paint eggs,it is possible to tell what began all from the moment when Mary Magdalene informed Emperor Tiberius of the news of the resurrection of Christ. It was at that moment that she presented the egg to him as a gift. But the emperor did not believe this and said that this statement is impossible, as well as the fact that the egg is able to independently change its color. After these words, the egg that was in Tiberius's hand was painted red.

Also need to say that now the eggs are dyed inthe honor of miracles that occurred on the day when Christ was resurrected. It is thanks to this story that a child will want to paint several Easter eggs on his own. It is worth noting that during such a holiday as Easter, the drawings of children on eggs can be completely different. Therefore, the child will be interested in carrying out this tradition.

Easter curd and Easter cake

Easter holiday for children
Also need to tell, the symbol of what isEaster cake and cottage cheese. It is best to begin with the fact that even though Christ is God, people after crucifixion buried him in a tomb that had the shape of a pyramid with four facets. It is for this reason that traditional Easter curd of this form is prepared for the holiday. As for the cake, it should be mentioned here that it is a symbol of victory over death. In addition, the Easter bread recalls the miraculous resurrection of Christ. Therefore, the top of the cake is covered with white glaze. It is worth noting that such stories will instill wonderful feelings for the baby. And this, in turn, will affect the fact that the Easter holiday for children will always be interesting and entertaining.

History of celebration

Among other things, you can tell the baby abouthow they celebrated this holiday in the period of origin of traditions. But before you tell the children about Easter in the old days, you need to read literature on your own. This will provide an opportunity to prepare an entertaining story.

Beginning of the story is necessary because in the old dayschildren were given small gifts in the form of gingerbread or sweets. During the midst of the celebration, in the afternoon, everyone went out to the central square of the city. It was in this part of the settlement that a lot of interesting games were played. In addition, on the square there were pictures of Easter painted by children of different ages. Also at the time of the celebration from all angles came music and songs. It was in this way that people sang their lives and their love for Jesus. It is also necessary to tell the child that it is from that time on that holiday that it is customary to go to church. This is due to the fact that at this event must be holy Easter and eggs.

But special attention was paid to children. For them came up with completely different exciting games. It is worth noting that most of them have reached to our times. Therefore, at the end of the story, it is advisable to play with the child. The most interesting occupation for the child will be to find the egg. To do this, hide a few chocolate eggs, so that the baby tries to find them.

Reading the Bible

for the children of the Passover
Also parents who do not know how to tellchildren about Easter, you can try to make the tradition of reading the children's Bible. It is in this source that the baby will be able to find all the answers to the questions that interest him.

It is worth noting that such a tradition will be usefulas a child, and adult. In the event that the crumb is not yet able to perceive the biblical information, it is best to resort to the use of children's cartoons on this topic. To date, there is a fairly large selection of such animated films. Therefore, you can always find something that maximally can interest the kid: stories, cartoons or pictures. Easter is a bright holiday!

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