Metropolitan on bones, or the Ghost Train in the Moscow metro

Moscow. The Metropolitan. Every month, with a tremendous speed, a mysterious and mysterious Moscow ghost train rides along the rails! He makes stops, sometimes opening the doors of the cars. In the cab sits an engineer, dressed in the pre-war construction ... All the cars of this mysterious train are filled with the souls of construction workers who can not find rest in any way ...

Legends of the Moscow metro

Construction of the underground

In the 40s of the last century, Moscow beganthe construction of the most famous Russian subway, or rather, its Ring Line. It was hard and exhausting work. Most of the builders were ordinary prisoners convicted of various crimes of a criminal and political nature.

The construction of the Moscow metro waswas marked by bloody events. The fact is that at this time for some reason or other quite a few workers died: unstable structures from time to time collapsed, buried an incredible number of builders alive; for unknown reasons, many prisoners were driven into the ventilation shafts, and then immured in the walls without trial and investigation ...

train ghost in the Moscow metro

A few years later, the "bloody" undergroundAnd it was completed. Today it is the pride of the capital of our country, without which it is simply impossible to imagine everyday life in Moscow. The price of this is hundreds of deaths of ordinary builders and convicts ...

But not everything is so simple. There is a certain legend that in this place you can see ... a train-ghost! In the Moscow metro, supposedly not once already met a strange rusty and pokarabannuyu train, rushing on the rails with incredible speed. What is it - mass madness or the echo of "bloody" construction?

The mysterious ghost train in the Moscow metro

From time to time it can be observed aftermidnight on the Ring Line. Interestingly, this ghost is always moving counter-clockwise. As evidenced by eyewitnesses, this rusty train is blue-black with yellow windows. Some argue that inside each car is visible porcelain decoration, while others saw the walls covered with some greenish coating ...

Moscow train ghost

It is still unclear: train-ghost in the Moscow metro is moving in an empty way, or in the cars of someone or something there? Some eyewitnesses say that there are some people out there, from which emanates a barely noticeable otherworldly glow, while others assure that this ghost is absolutely empty, only the driver is sitting in the cab, dressed in the construction form of the worker.

Today we have collected testimonies from many people,according to which a train-ghost in the Moscow metro appears once a month, circling all available stations and stopping at each of them. The doors of the cars are mostly not opened, although several eyewitnesses say they saw the opposite. In this case, the train should not be approached under any pretext!

The terrible railway accident

Another legend says that this metro occurredterrible tragedy. There was a railway accident in which all died: passengers, train personnel and the machinist. Of course, this legend has the right to exist, but there is no documented fact of such an accident.

legends of the Moscow metro

Be that as it may, it is not difficult to guess that the "passengers" of this train are those workers who, on the bones of which Moscow pride is still adorned, is underground.

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