What is the dream of a swing? Dream interpretation: the meaning and interpretation of the dream

Swing - an object that causes many peopleassociation with the life path, in which there are ups and downs. Is it worth worrying to a person who sees a swing in a dream? A dream interpreter will help to understand this if the dreamer remembers the plot of his dreams in the smallest detail. So, what foreshadows such a dream, what warns about it?

What is the dream of a swing: Miller's dream book

Gustav Miller is an American psychologist,history in many ways precisely because of its "guide" in the world of dreams. The symbol of variability - as described by his dream swing. To rock high while experiencing fear - such a dream to a person should be perceived as a warning, to which it is useful to listen. It is possible that in real life the dreamer took on too many obligations, which he can not cope with. Also, the swing in night dreams can appear if the "master" of sleep is faced with the need to make an important decision that can change his life.

swing dream book

If a person in his dream rolls a child(someone else's or his own), such a dream Miller describes as a good omen. There can be no doubt that the dreamer is accompanied by luck. However, do not rejoice, in nightly dreams sharing a swing with a chosen one or a chosen one. The likelihood that in real life a loved one will give rise to jealousy is high.


It is also important how the dreamed swings looked. A dream interpreter (almost any one) claims that rope models appear in good condition in dreams, promising pleasant emotions to the sleeper. Swings-"boats", arising in night dreams, predict a merry party, which suddenly a dreamer will become a participant. Devices operating in the "up-down" system, say that the "master" of sleep is not sure of his choice, may soon be disappointed in him.

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Regardless of age, people can seesleeps endowed with a special child restraint fixture. In this case, the dream interpreter predicts unexpected troubles, the friends or relatives of the dreamer can give cause for concern. Also, broken dreams can occur in nighttime dreams. In this case, the "master" of sleep should think about its life position, take responsibility, overcome laziness.

Empty swings

It is obvious that in a dream you can see not onlybusy with someone, but also an empty swing. A dream interpreter will tell you how to understand such a dream if his "owner" remembers the details. To look from the side to the empty swing swings means in reality to suffer from internal disharmony. If the "master" of sleep shakes them up with their own hands, and then watches them, in real life the probability of an unfavorable period is high.

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What prevent a motionless swing, onwhich no one is sitting? It is possible that in real life a dreamer can not decide on one or another act. However, the sooner he makes a choice, the more he will be pleased with the result.

A dream in which a person makes an attempt to swingswing without sitting on them, but realizes that they are too heavy for this, can scare. Fortunately, such a dream promises only obsessive courtship from a fan who is absolutely indifferent to the "mistress" of night dreams. Not having achieved the desired result, the boyfriend will leave alone, without causing any special troubles.


What other subjects does the dream book cover? Ride on a swing, getting pleasure from this exercise, such a dream promises a stormy romance to its "master", which will turn out to be short-lived. If such a picture in his nocturnal dreams saw a male representative, he should be afraid of fleeting connections. There is a high probability that the affair will not only not bring pleasure, but will also result in significant material costs. To girls such a dream predicts an innocent flirtation without consequences.

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If a person dreams, how he rolls a personthe opposite sex, it also foreshadows a new love interest. Sharing a swing with a friend or friend in a dream means succumbing to envy, capable of poisoning the soul, to spoil relations with close people in reality.

Wangi's Dream

What is the dream of a swing? Wangi's dream book states that if a person falls from them in his night visions, serious trouble awaits him at work. It is not excluded even dismissal as a result of mistakes made. An attempt to stop them in a dream speaks of excessive haste in real life. In this case, unwise decisions should be avoided.

what is the dream sweep dreamed of

See yourself swinging the swing - get intoan ambiguous position from which it will not be easy to get out. To sit on them without movement - such a plot speaks about doubts that the sleeper is experiencing in reality. It is possible that he has been delaying the decision for too long, which is long overdue, fearing the consequences of the wrong choice.

The opinion of Sigmund Freud

The Austrian psychologist also expressed his opinionon this occasion in his "guide" on the world of dreams. The symbol of sexual dissatisfaction - so describes his dream swing. To swing on them together with the second half in night dreams - to suffer from jealousy in reality, caused by insecurity. Just to see - to experience sexual arousal, which can not find an outlet in real life.

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Is it worth worrying if in a dream swingswing so hard that it literally catches your breath? Freud argues that such a plot speaks of the exorbitant obligations that the dreamer took upon himself. There is a high probability that these obligations are related to caring for one's chosen one, which begins to weigh down.

Dream Longueau

The White Magician believed that the dreaming motionlessswings foreshadow conflicts in reality. This prediction is not related to the professional sphere, rather, the dreamer will spoil relations with a close friend or relative. If the quarrel is not prevented, friendship can be lost irrevocably.

What will the dream book of Longo advise the person whosees himself in nightmares skating? If you believe the words of the magician, in real life, the "master" of the dream tries not to notice the accumulating problems that are just about to collapse on him at once. Use a broken swing - such a plot speaks of the dreamer's habit to go with the flow, not trying to resist circumstances that are not always going well. It's time to try to change your life by giving up humility in the face of fate.

Predictions of the Medea witch

Than help written by the famous sorceressDream Book? High swings, according to her words, symbolize the love adventures that await the dreamer in real life. See yourself swaying in the night dreams can passionately in love man, longing for his chosen one. Falling heralds the loss of control over circumstances in the real world, returning it will be very difficult.

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