He is a Fish, she is a Fish: compatibility

Such an alliance as "he is a Fish, she is a Fish", rathernotable. In general, it must be admitted, astrologers always pay great attention to the study of the compatibility of those people who belong to the same sign of the Zodiac. Well, "he is Fish, she is Fish" is one of the most interesting and, oddly, promising alliances.

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Priorities in a Relationship

For these two, the most important thing is feelings. And they must necessarily be reciprocal, otherwise it will not work. So if the Male Fish and the Female Fish have converged, then one can be sure that this is not a spontaneous couple who just wanted to "try" the relationship, but an alliance with significant prerequisites for their occurrence.

Common interests are not so important to them. The main thing is to have love. And there already, why it arose, how exactly it happened - secondary issues. No doubt, sooner or later a young man and a girl will become interested in this topic, but certainly not at the beginning of their relationship.

Strong alliance

Marriage between people like Pisces is a man andFish-woman is held primarily on material well-being. In general, representatives of this sign of the Zodiac are very rational personalities and think things over. They will not, in any case, start a family if they do not have anything to do with it. That is, a house in which there is everything necessary for living, stable work and, of course, the initial capital. So both the guy and the girl will make every effort to ensure a joint happy future.

If they have material well-being, then theirlife will be wonderful and amazing. In the event that this does not happen, a hostile world awaits them. The balance of the union will be under threat. This is the specific character of the sign.

By the way, the union of the two Pisces will also hold on to theirmutual kindness and condescension towards each other. These people like nobody else know how to forgive, support and love. They are very soft and sensual. Quarrels, of course, can be (as without them), however they are very light and do not drag on for long. Fish do not keep their grievances. They go away from them, and do not struggle.

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He and she

Now it is worth talking more about thisquite common alliance, as "he is a Fish, she is a Fish". A girl belonging to this sign of the Zodiac is a wonderful, sensual and talented person. The Pisces man, when he meets this person, understands - this is what he aspired all his life. What I was looking for. And this, by the way, is mutual. The girl immediately falls in love with this gallant and modest guy. They have many things in common - creative thinking, well-developed imagination, witty mindset, non-ordinary approach to business, as well as such personality traits as sensitivity, sensitivity and gentleness.

But, as often happens, everywhere there areminuses. They also unite negative qualities. He is a Fish, she is a Fish - these are people who are incredibly lazy. And dreamy. These two qualities can form a symbiosis, and then it will be even more difficult to fight them. Slowness, inaccuracy, neurosis, escape from reality (because of what sometimes these people can compose), unreasonable anxiety - that's what characterizes these people. And if suddenly the manifestation of these qualities is observed in one person from the pair - nothing terrible, the other can maintain a balance. But if suddenly it overtook each of them - it will be hard. It remains to wait until one of them comes to his senses. Otherwise, a couple of loving each other's boyfriend and girlfriend will turn into apathetic people who are only carried away by their thoughts and completely do not notice their soul mate.

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As already mentioned above, in the union of two PiscesThe first place is worth feeling. And all adults know in what form their manifestation is expressed. The physical closeness of these two people is not distinguished by passion, as, for example, in a pair of two Scorpions. But they do not need it. But do not think that in their pair in this respect, cold and indifference reigns. On the contrary, their sexual experience is very deep. They are romantic, and their closeness will be exactly the same. In addition, Pisces always listen to the desires of their partner and perfectly understand them, translating them into reality.

By the way, if one of the couple looks depressedand detached (this is not uncommon in the case of this sign of the zodiac), his partner should immediately pay attention to it. But do not ask about what happened. You just need to listen to the silence on his part. Then it will help. Pisces are not the kind of people who need to speak out when they come home, throw out a stream of passions. By no means. They will remain silent until the last. To help them relieve the soul, a very delicate and delicate approach is needed. And who, no matter how Pisces knows what to do in such situations?

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Support and support

Pisces are people who are impermanent in theiremotions and experiences. Every day they have different, they do not feel the same every time. Reality they always experience in different ways. And this is another difficulty. Fish do not have a special purpose. But if they want to achieve something, they try to do it.

However, if a person of this sign of the Zodiac does notyou can achieve what you want - there can be trouble. He falls into despair. And if you do not help him in time to distract him from problems, then it is likely that he will be carried away by alcohol or worse. This is especially common among Pisces men. Such a person needs a girl who will understand such manifestations of emotions and distract them with all her might, but only so that he does not take it as a condemnation for the passion of his soul. And this woman belongs to the same sign of the Zodiac as a man. That is why such compatibility is successful. A woman-fish and a man of the same sign will always understand each other and in no case will present any reproaches and express their displeasure. They respect the feelings and emotions of their second half.

She is a Scorpio, he is a Pisces

Well, these two people can converge andform a fairly strong alliance. What unites them? One element. It should also be noted that Scorpio has what Pisces lacks (and vice versa). They are able to create, thus, a harmonious balance of emotions in a relationship. Pisces is a delicate person with a rich inner world and experiences that perfectly feels his partner in every sense of the word. For them, a confident Scorpio is a spiritual mentor. By the way, they have very similar views and outlook. As, strictly speaking, and interests. However, the passionate and expressive Scorpio Fish can not always open. But this does not really bother him, so that the unions are also quite strong and durable.

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Girl - Pisces, boyfriend - Scorpio

Well, the specifics of the characters are clear, but it followsconsider a separate case for compatibility. He is a Scorpio, she is a Fish. What will result from such a combination of signs? First of all I want to note that the girl will necessarily lose her head from her young man. She will admire him - his behavior, worldview, character, manners. Such unrestrained love in most cases leads to marriages. Or to a strong friendship.

But do not think that the guys stay in this paira certain liability. They, of course, are more reasonable and will not allow themselves so quickly to leave in a whirlpool with a head, but this is their advantage. If the Scorpions make a choice, then he is conscious, deliberate. And, accordingly, this is for a long time.

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Compatible with Libra

I would like to note with special attention thisa couple, like him - Pisces, she's a Libra. Many mistakenly believe that these are two incompatible elements. On the contrary. They are united by such traits of character as sensitivity, softness and love for beauty. However, if Pisces manifest themselves so in life, then Libra can be so only to the nearest ones. For those people whom they do not consider necessary to open, these individuals can be cruel, arrogant, rude, expressive. Or pleasant in communication, simple, interesting. It all depends on Libra. But, in general, they very easily go on contact and instantly feel the mood of the interlocutor. This feature is very popular with Pisces. And if Libra lose his head from this man, they will make every effort to become for him everything.

Although sometimes the desires and aspirations of these individualscontradict each other. Sometimes Scales close in themselves, Pisces goes into their dreamy world. Rarely, but it happens. He remembers the pair "he is a Fish, she is a Fish." Compatibility of the horoscope predicts a positive, but for this it is necessary that both of them love each other. "Feelings in their union will block any discord.

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Unwanted unions

And finally a few words about what signsZodiac Pisces is clearly not on the path. And the first in this list is Aries. They are complete opposites. Interests, attitudes toward life, behavior in pairs, characters - all of them are at variance. Taurus is also not the best choice. The sharp, expressive - to them specific romantic behavior of Pisces will seem not that unusual, but empty and meaningless. And they do not hesitate to say this. It touches the vulnerable Pisces. With the Lions, too, not everything will be smooth. Pisces even admire such people, but their potential partners do not always like it. Lions love difficulties in relationships, intrigue. And they do not even have to work for Pisces.

Perhaps these are the three signs of the Zodiac, with whichbuild relationships with the representatives of the water element will be the hardest of all. But everything happens in this life. Maybe it will be a happy marriage with any of the above, with a crazy love and a desire to be together.

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