The meaning of the name Roxanne. Origin, nature

Roxanne's name is rarely heard on the streets of the city. This beautiful and original name today, few people call little girls, and completely in vain.

What does the name Roxanne mean?

the meaning of the name Roxanne

In translation from Iranian Roxane sounds like"Light", and from Persian - "dawn" or "fortune teller". This amazing name speaks for itself. Its owner is endowed with incredible abilities and complex character. The meaning of the name Roxan imposes a certain imprint on the person he named. From childhood she is incredibly sensitive and impressionable. Dropped out of the nest, a chick or a homeless kitten will always find help and sympathy in this girl. In addition, Roxanne is very persistent and stubborn. This girl is ready always and in everything to defend her point of view. She will not let herself be insulted.


The meaning of the name Roxanne for a girl can beinterpreted and as "possessing great talent", and this applies to all that she does. The surrounding will always be surprised by the incredible ability of this baby to be able to do everything perfectly. She beautifully dances, draws and writes poetry, and her excellent voice will sound on all matinees and school concerts.

In its class, it is an undoubted leader. Roxanne is an excellent student. She is set as an example of a teacher, and her parents are certainly proud of her success. Despite all the visible pluses, Roxanne will bring a lot of trouble to her family. She can in a moment turn from a diligent honors pupil into a capricious spoiled girl. Most often, the fault of such metamorphosis is her mother, who most annoy Roxana, and quite undeservedly.

The meaning of Roxan's name implies thatthe girl has a strong character inherited from her mother. To avoid big problems with the behavior of her daughter, parents will have to constantly maintain their authority in her eyes.

which means the name Roxanne

Adult Roxanne

Having matured, she remains as stubborn andpersevering. To these features, narcissism and impulsiveness are added. Communicate with her is not easy. This girl is capable of a whim to make a scandal.

Roxanne's name confers on its ownerincredible dedication. She knows the value of herself and her numerous talents. All her powers are sometimes aimed at making others appreciate her, but certainly high. For the sake of this Roxanne is ready to make any sacrifices. This her trait often frightens others, but this circumstance the girl does not upset at all.

Professional sphere

Thanks to her talents, Roxanne has greatprospects. She can choose almost any profession related to creativity. The meaning of Roxanne's name suggests that she will make an excellent artist or musician. No matter what direction she chooses, she will only need the first roles. She will not stay in the background. It is vital for her to have success and recognition of society. This woman feels like a "queen of the ball" and will not tolerate if friends and colleagues think otherwise.


Roxanne name

Roxana - beautiful, unordinary and spectacularfemale. It is quite natural that she has many admirers, and she likes it very much. She is happy when she is admired, gives flowers and makes complement.

Men easily get to it on the network and get outof them can only if she so wishes. With the choice of one single Roxanne in no hurry. She chooses and looks closely for a long time. Marriage for her - a serious matter, and she does not want to lose.

A family

Accustomed to constant attention frommen, she will demand it from her husband. To do this, Roxanne will resort to any tricks and whims. She strives to act always in her own way, not giving her husband the right to vote. This incredibly complicates family relationships.

The success of marriage will largely depend on the husband. If he is clever, he will try to smooth out the sharp angles and direct the destructive energy of his wife to a peaceful channel. Carefully looking closely at his wife, he will see not only a capricious woman, but also a sensual, faithful, optimistic, temperamental beauty.

the meaning of the name Roxana for a girl
She has a good sense of humor. If she learns to use it, then she can take advantage of many unpleasant moments in her life. This quality will be very useful in family life.

Roxanne is a wonderful mistress. She is good at cooking and loves to bring home order and comfort. She is hospitable. No one will leave her house hungry or unhappy. Roxana worships her house and children, whom she tries to pamper and love with all her heart.

Health and appearance

The meaning of the name Roxan can be seen from the firstlook. This woman always takes care of her health. She only eats healthy food and makes it her whole family. Roxanne regularly visits the gym or runs in the morning. A woman with this name is rarely seen untidy, unkempt and poorly dressed. She is very fond of sleeping in the morning, and in the evening she can go for a walk late or communicate with friends.

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