1978 is the year of the horse? Like 2038, the year of the Earth (Yellow) Horse

The eastern horoscope was made in 1978a great gift, giving them such patron as the Horse. Especially since the element of Earth accompanies this symbol, thoroughly permeated by the male energy of Yang. This is a strong animal that can easily overcome any obstacles in its path and facilitate human labor.

Qualities of personality

They are sociable and inquisitive people. Can be the soul of the company. Quickly and easily perceive and process information, highlighting the main thing. They know the price of praise and give it away only if someone deserves it. Appearance is sometimes of fundamental importance for them. Therefore, watching him is not only a pleasure, but also an everyday hard work.

1978 year of a horse
After all, always be in the center of attention - as incircle of friends, and at work - is incredibly difficult. Considering 1978, what kind of Horse it might be, it can be said that this is a gift for newborns. It was Zemlyanaya who managed to collect all the qualities most necessary for a full-fledged life:

  • Practicality.
  • Ability to focus on work.
  • Ability to bring to completion.
  • Fidelity to both the spoken word and the person who is near.

Symbols of different elements on the eastern calendar

Answering the question: "What year is a Horse?" - it is necessary to understand what their types are in general. After all, each of them, apart from basic qualities, also has its own individual characteristics.

  • Metal gives such traits as enterprise,activity, determination. Such people do not know how and will never be in someone's shadow. True, the surrounding are more respectful than fire.
  • Earthy (Yellow) can well organize any business,understands the economic and financial spheres. He knows the value of money, knows how to achieve his goal, never breaks the law, has his point of view on everything and can always prove it.
    1978 year which horse color
  • Wood difficult to tolerate changes, difficultadapts to new conditions. She tries to say everything she thinks to her eyes. Her exactingness often borders on despotism. It establishes the criteria by which it evaluates its environment.
  • Water horses are irresistible and emotionally unstable. They are looking for love and want to give, but sometimes they "love" the partner, not even giving a step to do, because of what they lose their relationship. See the world in dull colors, attributing to events excessive drama. Revenge and envy for them - a common thing.
  • Fiery - this is another test for their environment! They are proud and independent, very stubborn, to convince them of something impossible in any way.

Career successes

In 1978, what horse color is inherent? The answer is yellow, embodying the sun, ripe wheat and gold. Such people reach heights in their careers. They are listened to by their superiors, respected for their professionalism by their subordinates. However, to prove anything, if the opinion differs from their own, is almost impossible. They will be convinced of their rightness to the end. With aggression and pressure, it will defend. Having an analytical mind, the ability to calculate the situation in advance, they prophesy laurels to anyone who is not afraid of work.

Perfect pair

Finding out, 1978 is the year of which Horse compatibilityher with other signs, we get the following alignment. For an independent and self-centered nature, ambitious Tigers fit heroically in her eyes. She tries to help them in everything.

1978 year which horse compatibility
An ideal friend will be the Cat, but love of freedomboth will not allow to build strong relations. Earth Horse loves love and affection. It is important for her to hear gentle words from her partner, and always. Only so you can calm her down. She will love to madness, stand "mountain" for her partner, if only she will receive a return in full. Successful in his career, will achieve much in the relationship, if only pacifies his own selfishness and becomes less demanding of his choice. Here is 1978 - the year of which Horse!

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