Star of David

Star of David (although it is more correct to use herethe word "shield") is a Jewish symbol, referring to the most ancient shrines, causing to this day a lot of rumors and disputes. They still search for the meaning, the secret, the symbol is worn on uniforms, on the neck, in the form of a tattoo - on the body, the sign decorates religious books, magical attributes. What is this - the star of David, the significance of which has not lost its relevance for several centuries?

Where did the shield of David come from?

Today many people buy this symbol for themselves and their acquaintances in the form of pendants, coulombs, wall attributes in the Jewish store "Red thread" and others, but not everyone knows where it originates from. star of David, what is the meaning of this symbol.

A source of origin, I must say, verya lot of. Some scientists believe that this is an identification with a beautiful biblical lily of white color. Why is that? It's simple: the open petals are a six-pointed star of the right shape. In view of this interpretation, the star is inextricably linked with the menorah exhibited at the festivals in the very center of the star.

star of David

But the main version of the origin of this attributeis connected, of course, with King David, who used it as a personal symbol for an understandable reason: in his name there are 2 letters "d", which were then designated on the letter as triangles. According to one version, the shields of the king had this form, according to another - they were leather, but with a star on them.

As a decorative element, the star of Davidexisted for many centuries, and in 1354 became the original coat of arms of the Jewish community. The most widespread symbol was found in the 19th century, when Jews sought to find the distinctive sign of Judaism, something like a cross in Christians.

What does the star of David mean?

Each sign, which dates back to the time of the ancient cults, necessarily has a special meaning, and this symbol is not an exception to the rules. Let's look at the most popular ones.

  1. So, the hexagram (another attribute name) is two triangles superimposed on each other. The lower part symbolizes the male principle, and the upper one - the female one.
  2. The triangle that "looks" upwards is a symbol of fire and air, and that figure, which is turned downwards, is the earth and water.
  3. The corners of that figure that "looks" down, symbolize peace, grace and mercy.
  4. According to another version, the six-pointed star is a combination of the earthly and heavenly principles, which are inseparably linked with each other and are called upon to complement each other.

Today everyone puts his own meaning in this symbol, but the fact that this is the oldest magic sign is a fact undeniable.

What other attributes of the East deserve attention?

They are very many, they all have a special meaning and are beautiful in their own way. For example, very popular

gorgeous, grandiose ring Scorpio, which is now popular among men and women, andis made by his professional Kabbalist. In the East, it is believed that the scorpion relieves of illnesses, various misfortunes, problems, gives the joy of being and health.

ring scorpion

Any mystical practitioner wants to getscorpion in their faithful allies, and esoteric schools have chosen it for many centuries in a row. Perhaps, for these reasons, rings, scorpion prints are so in demand today. For example, in the store "Red thread" you can buy a ready-made version, and you can order such a product with the star of David on the side or palm branches, which also have a sacred meaning in Kabbalah.

Whichever attribute you acquire, be sure to put your meaning into it, believe in the best, and then it will surely bring what you want!

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