Why do you dream about an old house or someone else's? What does the old house of the deceased grandmother dream about?

Dreams about the house should not be ignored. They indicate the future changes and emotional state of a person. TO What does the old house dream about? What does this mean? To see your old home is to repeat the mistakes of the past. If housing is someone else's - fast changes will come in the life of the sleeper. Whether these changes are joyful or unhappy will depend directly on the appearance of the house.

What does the house dream about?

Dreams about the house, according to different sources,personify the inner state of a man - his joys and sorrows, problems and relationships. Therefore, dreams of a cozy, clean housing characterize a person of harmonious, balanced. And vice versa - dirty, neglected hovels indicate that in the soul of the dreamer settled sadness and sadness.

If a beautiful new house is dreaming, then the dreamer hepromises good changes in life. Rich interior decoration means that the sleeper will find in himself hidden spiritual resources. He will be able to overcome obstacles and soon arrange his life in the best way: he will achieve success or improve his health, meet love, or gain financial well-being.

what does the old house dream about

Moving to a new beautiful house - promotion on the career ladder. This is a great responsibility, but also a successful change in life.

TO What does the old house dream about? A ramshackle structure with broken windows orrotten boards symbolize the upcoming unfavorable events. Destroyed old housing indicates chaos in the mind and heart. These can be unrealized ambitions, lost health, unhappy love. Sleep warns that it's time to take care of yourself, understand life, improve work, reconcile or forgive abusers.

Wooden housing

What is the dream of an old wooden house? What is the interpretation of this dream? The structure of the tree indicates a surge of energy. All things will be argued, a creative breakthrough or diligence will necessarily be rewarded.

A wooden house, according to some dream books, foreshadows an imminent wedding. But an old hut with black smoke from the pipe will bring temporary difficulties, turmoil in the family.

what is the old wooden house dreaming about

If in the old wooden structure there are breakages andthey must be eliminated, then such a dream indicates that problems have been revealed in relationships with close people. To avoid any difficulties in the future, it is necessary to establish relations.

If an unfinished house was dreamed, then the dreamer should do the deferred business. Otherwise, the coming changes can complicate the situation.

Stone housing

What is the dream of an old house, more likeCastle? If you see a stone ruined building with gloomy towers, it means that a person should take up his inner growth. Stone locks are a symbol of secret knowledge, hidden information. Such a dream means that the sleeper should understand his inner conflicts, reconcile with himself.

what does the old house of a stranger dream about

Old stone house in a dream can bringunexpected changes that will contribute to success in business. It is a symbol of reliability and stability. Stone house embodies an inner calmness and self-reliance.

If in a dream an old stone structureit's a warning that in real life there is a crisis. Dismissal from work or divorce is the dreamer. To sleep does not turn out to be "in the hand", it is necessary to urgently reconsider its relations, to correct the shaken affairs.

Dreaming of a native house

Dreams in which there are references to relatives, warn about illnesses, misfortunes. Old parental housing portends problems with relatives or troubles associated with them.

What does the old grandmother's house dream about? This vision speaks of a lack of warmth and care in the life of the dreamer. Grandmother is a symbol of kindness. If the grandmother's house is seen in the dream, then the lack of family warmth and comfort will bring the sleeper to sorrow.

what does the old grandmother's house dream about

But to What does the old house of the deceased grandmother dream about? The deceased relatives warn the sleepers that something will happen soon in life. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the design of the dream. If the dwelling of the deceased grandmother is clean, warm, cozy, then this is a good sign. He promises good news, joyful events. If the dwelling of the deceased grandmother looks untidy, abandoned, frightening, then such a dream leads to unpleasant changes in life.

A dream in which a person enters an empty houseGrandmother (or his former home), speaks of an inner emptiness. Unrealized desires, a failed career, a collapse in his personal life - emptiness is treated as an aimlessness of real life.

Dreaming of someone else's house

Dreams about someone else's home are considereddreamers as a forerunner of global change. This can be a change of work or family status, moving to another city or country. In such dreams, one should also pay attention to the general state of the structure.

what is the old wooden house of a stranger dreaming about

Why does the old house dream? An alien, but a big house portends changes in career, work. A small building is a symbol of the family.

Even if a foreign house is old, but it is clean, warm, comfortable, then the coming changes will bring only joy and happiness.

If the old and strange dwelling looks untidy, there is rubbish and ruin in it, then difficulties and trials are ahead.


The residential building populated by people indicatesthe relationship of the dreamer with his environment. If in a dream the house does not cause alarm, if the sleeper is well and happy, then in the destiny and relations there will be harmony, happiness. If the house quarrels and abuse between tenants, then the same events are also in the life of the dreamer.

Empty house

What does the old house dream of, empty and desolate? The dilapidated building warns of a possible disease. And the absence of windows in such a house is a symbol of the coffin. So, soon the news of someone's death will upset the dreamer.

A locked door (or just a locked house) is a bad sign. He also portends death, illness, painful events.

Actions in a dream

Not only the emotional coloring of the dream leads to a correct interpretation of the vision. But the actions that the sleeper saw will help in the correct interpretation.

what the old house of the deceased grandmother dreams of

The fire is a harbinger of future failures. TO What does an old wooden house dream about? An alien or native home, engulfed in flames, symbolizes the end of the old life. A good sign, if a dreamer tries to call firefighters, then his unfortunate streak will not last long. There will be assistants who will try to change the situation for the better.

Repair of old housing says that a person needs to "repair" his life - to correct mistakes, to restore good relations after the conflict.

The arrangement of the old structure means thatWe are waiting for wealth and success. New furniture, carpets - joyful events in life will not take long. Revenge the floor or clean up - for the arrival of guests. A washing of the sexes is a bad sign. It is a symbol of death, a serious illness.

The purchase of housing is directly related to the financialparty and career matters. The appearance of the building will indicate a positive or negative change. Old, but big and bright home - career and finances will be in order. Uncomfortable housing with broken walls or holes - illnesses, difficulties, obstacles will appear soon in the life of the sleeper.

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