Cake "Aristocrat". Recipe and cooking features

Cooking for celebratory lunches and dinners chicdesserts are a task that not every hostess can. But, you see, sometimes you want to brag about the guests with a cake of their own preparation. If you decide to make a festive dessert with your own hands and are looking for a simple and tested recipe, then we suggest turning your attention to the cake "Aristocrat". The best recipes of cakes, as a rule, are based on the preparation of the protein base. It's fast, easy, even an inexperienced mistress will manage. The cake "Aristocrat" is also one of them.

cake aristocrat recipe

Ingredients for the protein base

To prepare cakes for a cake, youit will take: six egg whites and two glasses (200 grams each) of powdered sugar. Experts do not advise making a protein base with granulated sugar. Cake "Aristocrat", the recipe of which requires airiness and lightness, should be prepared only with the use of powder.

Ingredients for Cream

What a festive cake without a delicious cream ?!For "Aristocrat" it is necessary to prepare a light chocolate layer. It will consist of cocoa powder (2 tablespoons), two glasses of milk, a glass of sugar, 250 grams of butter and five egg yolks.

cake aristocrat the best recipes


Cake "Aristocrat", the recipe of which we tell youoffer, is famous for its unusually tasty and easy-to-prepare filling. For this pie, it contains only two ingredients: prunes (50 g) and walnuts (70 g).

Cooking and assembling cake

First you need to prepare a protein base.The main assistant here will be the food processor. But how to cook a cake "Aristocrat", if at hand there is no powerful kitchen assistant? Do not despair. The protein base can be whipped with a conventional hand mixer, it just takes a little longer to work.

So, whip the proteins with powdered sugar into a thickstrong foam. The resulting mass is divided into two parts. Each part must be baked separately. To do this, immediately stock up two approximately identical baking forms. They must first be laid out with parchment paper or greased with vegetable oil (the layer is very thin and the oil is odorless).

The protein cake should be baked on low heatoven. The cooking time varies from an hour to an hour and a half. Everything will depend on the oven. When the cakes are completely baked, do not rush to remove them from the oven. Let them cool down with the oven.

 how to cook a cake aristocrat

You have baked cakes for a dessert called cake"Aristocrat". The recipe also requires the presence of chocolate cream. It can be cooked with ordinary cocoa powder. Preliminary cocoa should be grinded with sugar, then add the heated milk to the mass. Gradually, yolks are added to it. The cream is rubbed and mixed until it becomes thick enough.

The filling for the cake is cooked the fastest. Prunes need to be washed, beaten with boiled water and cut into pieces. Walnuts are finely chopped and mixed with prune cut.

The most interesting thing in preparing this dessert is:this is its assembly. Cake "Aristocrat", the recipe of which we described in detail, is collected in a few minutes. To begin with, a flat dish is taken and the first cake is placed on it. It is richly smeared with chocolate cream. On top is a mixture of nuts and prunes (most). Cover the second layer of the protein base. The top is smeared with cream, and the rest of the filling is laid out. Sides of the cake can also be smeared with cream to close the cake and make a more elegant appearance.

Ready your cake "Aristocrat". The recipe does not tell in detail about its decoration. But if you do not have enough beauty in the form of a filling, you can always add a few whole walnuts on top. Of these, or prunes, you can put numbers or words, depending on the purpose of the cake.

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