Cake "Bird's Milk" at home - the secrets of cooking a delicate souffle

Cake "Bird's Milk" at home isit is not so difficult as it may seem initially. Of course, he will require a novice confectioner of skill and accuracy. But there are fewer problems with him, than, for example, with "Napoleon" or with cake "Opera". You just need to be able to work with such a substance as a gentle souffle, and it will not be worse for you than in the photo. "Bird's milk" is famous not only for its unique taste - it is also light and low-calorie, which is important for modern dessert. Compare several options and choose the best one.

bird's milk at home

Cake "Bird's milk" at home. Classic recipe

This souffle delicacy was inventedconfectioner Vladimir Guralnik, who first used agar instead of gelatin. Due to this, he achieved a much more tender consistency. In addition, such a cake can be baked. After all, gelatin, unlike agar, can be heat treated.

For the basis of the cake, squirrels are taken and brewed with syrup. It is made from sugar, molasses and agar. Not all of these ingredients are widely available. And if agar can now be ordered using online stores, then with starch syrup, the situation is more problematic. And without it, the syrup should be boiled longer, take less sugar.

photo bird's milk
Agar freezes faster than gelatin, soIt is necessary to work with him quickly, without delay. For the preparation of sugar syrup is better to get a culinary thermometer - it will help determine the degree of heating. Agar is soaked in advance, and then boiled until dissolved. Only then add sugar.

If you take into account all the above subtleties andto get agar, then in the rest "Bird's milk" at home is prepared elementary. For the cakes you need a hundred grams of butter and sugar, two eggs and one hundred and forty grams of flour. Aromatize them with natural vanilla or essence. Dough cook as a cake - whisk butter with sugar, and then add flour. Two cakes bake at high temperature, and then gently cut. The cake should be fixed in a split form, and then you can start preparing the souffle: beat up a hundred grams of butter and two hundred grams of condensed milk, boil and dissolve the agar, mix it with sugar. Prepare the syrup, and then pour it in a trickle into the whipped egg whites of the two eggs - very carefully and gently. Connect with the oil and continue stirring the mixer for two minutes.

Ready souffle pour into the form on the cake, putin a cold place and cook the icing. It can be done in any way that you think is appropriate. For example, mix chocolate and butter, heat to a boil and cool. Cover the frozen cake with icing and free from the form - this completes the preparation of the cake "Bird Milk" at home. Again put in the cold.

bird's milk recipe with a manga

Bird's milk. Recipe with a manga

If you are cautious about raw eggs,which are introduced in the souffle, you can replace them with other products. For example, semolina. It will play the role of thickener instead of eggs. The cream recipe in this case looks like this: rubbed with sugar butter mix with cooked with two glasses of milk semolina. Then cool and combine with a lemon, pre-cooked for three minutes and ground in a blender. This will give the souffle the necessary sourness.

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