Many-faced chocolate: the benefit and harm of a popular treat

The pleasure that chocolate gives to sweeties, the benefit and harm of which will be discussed in this article, is difficult to compare with anything.

chocolate is good and bad
He is sung by many commercials. Chocolate (the benefits and harms of this dainty are individual in each individual case) is used as a component in the recipes of many desserts. Sometimes, only for decoration or giving a flavor. But in some desserts (especially in baking) put up to a third of the total volume of this exquisite product from cocoa beans.

Real chocolate: good and bad

What should be the composition of qualitychocolate that you bought to pamper yourself? To begin with, note that it should not melt at room temperature. This is an indicator that the composition of the tile includes only quality fats.

dark chocolate is good and bad
Or rather - cocoa butter. This is a natural vegetable fat. In dark chocolate (the benefit and harm of which will be discussed below) do not add more fats. But in the milk put a little powdered milk. As part of cheap tiles, you can find hydrogenated vegetable fat. Do not advise you to buy these goodies, because it is harmful to health. The key aspect of the utility of chocolate is the consumption of antioxidants that it contains. In one half of the standard tiles there are more than a few bottles of wine and four packs of orange juice.
black chocolate is good and bad
Essential oils contained in cocoa beans,have an anti-sclerotic effect on the walls of the vessels, helping to clear them of deposits of cholesterol and other harmful substances. If you like bitter black chocolate (the benefits and harm of which are analyzed in detail by modern scientists), then your choice can be called as healthy as possible. It contains a high content of useful phenols that help to prevent aging. And milk and sugar are almost absent and will not cause damage to your figure, as well as the normal activity of the pancreas. But you still need to note the high content of fats, albeit natural, that is characteristic of any chocolate. Their quantity is up to 35 g for every 100 g of the product. This is more than many other desserts. And, if you are trying to limit lipids in your diet, consider this when consuming chocolate. It also contains theobromine, which helps the body (especially the female) to synthesize endorphins. And magnesium, responsible for the good mood and normal course of the processes of nervous excitation.

Choosing the best chocolate

The benefits and harm of the tiles you have purchased forIn order to please yourself with dessert, it directly depends on the content of cocoa in it. The opinions of dieticians here are a bit different. Some of them claim that chocolate with 50% cocoa content can be considered suitable for dietary nutrition. But the majority agree that it should be higher - at least 78%. Only then can we expect a powerful anti-aging and mood-correcting effect. From milk chocolate, dieticians are unanimously advised to refuse. High quality cocoa beans are grown in Central America and Indonesia. When buying chocolate, pay attention to the manufacturer.

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