Whiskey "Jameson" - the water of St. Patrick

Who today is not familiar with the green bottle withlabel in an old, classic style, who did not see these large cherry letters - "Whiskey" Jameson? "Probably, there is no such fan (we emphasize the word" lover "- still it's a mass-brew drink), who once tasted apple - a sweetish loin, will give up a glass next time .. In short, whiskey Jameson has got himself a good Irish glory and will never go out of fashion, like Coca-Cola or "Kinder" - a brand beloved by one large stratum of the population, a taste that does not change .

Whiskey Jameson

Although a few decades ago, when in Europereigned unspoken dry law and a healthy lifestyle, whiskey forgot about all, and Jameson was going through bad times. And the Slavs it is known only the last fifteen to twenty years. What is the history of Jameson whiskey? In general, the successful development of the industry of Irish alcohol in the XIX century contributed to the favorable climatic conditions of Ireland, allowing to collect from one hectare of record wheat harvests. And what is the difference between the malt of the "green leprechauns" from the coarse and dry Scottish? Probably the whole secret is in the recipe of cooking.

John Jameson founded his factory in 1780,being the pioneer of the business. At that time, no one recognized the glory of the world's beverage as a whiskey - for example, Ukrainian moonshine or sirloin is now valued in much the same way as then - Irish.

Jameson whiskey

"This is a national" swill ", and no one willbuy it for export! "- John said, but he did not obey, his merits are a painstaking study of mill drawings and cooperations (making barrels for alcohol aging) .He traveled a lot of countries of the world before releasing the first famous bottle from the assembly line (its design practically has not changed since that time.) And now the Jameson whiskey inherits the hidden technology of triple distillation, drying malt grains in closed furnaces and holding the drink to ten years in oak barrels .The result is a nut-vanilla soft smack without haze and jes Elegant and barely perceptible aroma, rich golden color, variety of varieties: the brand has both classic and 12-year-old, and even 18-year-old whiskey. "Jameson" whiskey is also a sponsor of various film festivals and sports tournaments, stars of Hollywood, not at all abhorning the low price.

John Jameson

Fans are advised to visit the museum in DublinJameson in place of the first plant. By the way, next to the Guinness brewery, you can combine pleasant with ... pleasant. Just remember: on Sundays the bar of the factory is closed until lunch. This is done to ensure that the Irish - zealous Catholics, as well as alcoholics - came to the church sober. You will find a fascinating excursion and study of life-size exhibits, a film about the history of the brand, a visit to the granary and an offer to learn the craft of a cooper (just be ready to learn this art for seven years).

It remains to add that more recently, approximatelycentury ago, the brand "Jameson" threatened to decline, death during the American dry law and even a mix of "blood" with grain Scotch tape. However, thanks to the new marketing policy used by the Irish Distillers Group (IDG), the glory of the brand has once again ascended to the world Olympus.

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