Cake "Bird's Milk" at home - the most airy and delicious dessert!

Cake "Bird's Milk" at homeis prepared quite a long time, as for a beautiful and tasty dessert you need to make not only an air souffle, but also a soft cake and chocolate icing. However, all the efforts of the cook, in the end, will be justified, because even a person who watches his figure can not refuse a ready cake.

How to cook a cake "Bird's Milk" at home

poultry milk cake at home

Necessary ingredients for the test:

  • wheat flour of superior quality - one full glass;
  • sugar - ½ cup portion;
  • egg yolks - seven pieces;
  • fresh butter - one hundred grams;
  • baking powder - ten grams or one sachet;
  • baking soda with acetic acid - one small spoon;
  • sugar vanilla - one dessert spoon.

Cake "Bird's milk" at home: the process of kneading the dough

Seven yolks should be put in a bowl, add tofresh creamy butter, sugar and vanilla sand, and then beat with a blender until a creamy, homogeneous mass is obtained. Further in the prepared mixture it is required to pour one full glass of wheat flour, baking powder and quenched soda. Mix the soft dough and proceed to its further baking.

Preparation of the cake in the oven

how to cook a cake bird's milk at home

The bottom of a special detachable shape (diameter notless than 25 centimeters) it is necessary to lay culinary paper, and then put on it all the cooked dough. The basis for the cake in the oven, heated to two hundred degrees, is baked for 16-20 minutes.

How to prepare bird's milk: the necessary ingredients for soufflé

  • chilled egg whites - seven pieces;
  • gelatin - one sachet or twenty grams;
  • granulated sugar - one full glass;
  • fresh butter - 170 grams;
  • condensed milk - 250 grams;
  • citric acid - one fourth of a dessert spoon.

Cake "Bird's milk" at home: cooking soufflé

how to prepare bird's milk
While the cake for the cake cools down at the side, it takesstart preparing an air souffle. To do this, it is necessary to beat a fresh butter with a blender, gradually pouring into it 250 grams of condensed milk. After that, swollen gelatin should be poured into a metal pan, add a little sugar to it and lightly heat it, not bringing it to a boil. Next, you need to whip seven egg whites with citric acid, and when a strong foam forms, it is necessary to lay out the oil cream and pour the liquid with gelatin. All the ingredients should be mixed until a cream mass is obtained.

Cake "Bird Milk" at home: the formation of dessert

The cooled cake should be cut in half along, andthen put the bottom layer in a mold (preferably detachable). After this, you need to carefully pour the cooked soufflé over the biscuit and cover it with the second half of the base. To make the bird's milk frozen, dessert should be put in a cold store for a couple of hours. After the time has elapsed, the cake should be carefully pulled out from the mold and fully poured with chocolate glaze. To prepare such a sweet sauce, just melt on the water bath two large tiles of dark chocolate, adding to them six or seven spoonfuls of fresh milk.

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