How to make yoghurt in Redmond multivark

In childhood we all loved yogurt very much. Now our children themselves are growing up, and I want to pamper them with natural goodies. Glowing with the desire to create such delicacies at home, any mom will have a choice: cook in a thermos or buy a yogurt (device for making sour-milk products). But there is another alternative: to buy a multivark. The fact is that you can cook yogurt in the Redmond multivark as successfully as you bake vegetables in it and cook soups, which means, having bought one device, get a real assistant in the kitchen, which cooks, and fries, and soars, and Sweets cook. So you will not regret, if you have the opportunity instead of yogurtnitsy to buy a multivariate.

Yogurt in the Redmond multivariate

How to cook yoghurt in the Redmond multivariate

First, boil one liter of milk and coolits up to 39 degrees. Use it both home and pasteurized. Then add the starter, which can be bought at the pharmacy, or "live yogurt", "Activium" and other sour-milk analogues. Stir thoroughly. Preparing yogurt in the multi-maker Redmond is easier because it has a special function, namely maintaining forty degrees for eight hours. The mixture itself will need to be poured somewhere, that is, you need small jars, approximately as from a baby food with lids. Pour the mixture into jars and close them tightly. Place a tissue napkin on the bottom of the multivark bowl and place the jars there. Then set the mode to "multiprotare", set the program for eight hours and 40 degrees of heat. Put the mixture better in the evening, so that in the morning there was already ready yogurt in the multivark Redmond. Sometimes multivarkers can go into the heating mode, and if your device has such a disadvantage, it's best not to leave it for the night, and watch the timer, otherwise the product will not work.

How to Make Yogurt in Redmond Multivar

Why should you prepare yogurt in the Redmond multivariate?

  • You get an environmentally friendly, home product.
  • This device reliably keeps the temperature, without automatically switching to other modes.
  • The multivariate has a capacious bowl, and you will be able to cook at one time more product.
  • Multivark Redmond allows you to use not only special sourdough powders, but also creates yogurt with conventional bio-yogurt, thanks to the optimal temperature regime.
  • Fruits you add already in the finished yogurt, which distinguishes it for its benefit and taste for 100% of the store!
    How to make yogurt at home

How to make yogurt at home with your own hands

If you do not yet have a holding deviceconstant temperature, a conventional thermos can come up, but it should keep the heat for 6-8 hours. To do this, use the same recipe. We hope you have found this method useful, describing how to prepare yoghurt in the Redmond multivark, and soon you will please your loved ones with useful and tasty treats.

As the customers of Redmond write in their reviews,when a multivark appears in the house, the life of the family changes radically. You not only begin to eat more useful food, but also save time and nerves, which used to be used to prepare complex dishes by hand and washing dishes. We wish every woman to have such an assistant in the house and have the opportunity to give more time to relatives, because nothing will replace a family of live communication with you.

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