The recipe for the tortoise cake with sour cream is the magic of taste in simplicity

In order to bake the most delicious dessert, you do not need to be a genius of culinary art. It is enough to master simple, but at the same time stunning with its delicate taste the recipe for the tortoise "Turtle" with sour cream.

recipe for tortoise cake with sour cream

Classics of the genre

Familiar to many recipes of the tortoise "Turtle" withsour cream is quite simple both in its composition and in the way it is prepared. And the most delicate, and at the same time light taste of the cream, which he soaks, will tempt the most ardent devotees of strict diets. And in order to be convinced of this, it is worth at least once to bake it.

So, to pamper yourself and your loved ones with this wonderful dessert, you will need:

  1. For biscuit mini-cakes: six eggs, 250 grams of sugar, two and a half glasses of sifted flour, soda, slaked in vinegar, in the amount of one teaspoon.
  2. For sour cream sauce, you need, of course, sour cream (its volume should be at least one liter), a pack of butter (the fatter it is, the better) and sugar with a volume of at least 300 grams.
  3. For glaze - only cocoa powder.

Having prepared these ingredients, you can proceeddirectly to the execution of the recipe. And first of all biscuit mini-cakes are baked. To do this, mix all the products mentioned in the first paragraph until a dense mass is obtained. After that, a biscuit mixture in the form of small pancakes is laid on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. It is worth noting that the distance between the future mini-cakes should be equal to the diameter of the semi-finished products, because the biscuit in the process of baking has the property of increasing in volume.

tortoise cake with sour cream Photo

The same baking tray goes to the oven, heated to 180 degrees (for gas) and 200 degrees (for electric), for the time it takes to make the cakes baked.

While mini-biscuits "fit", it is worth preparingcream-impregnation. The recipe for the tortoise cake with sour cream provides that all the ingredients from the second item are mixed until the sugar dissolves completely. You can do it in two ways: shake with a blender or stir the resulting mass, heating it in a water bath.

Impregnation is ready, and the cakes are not only baked, but alsocooled. So, you can proceed with the "assembly". To do this, each mini-biscuit is lowered for a few minutes in sour cream, then spread on a dish in the form of a turtle.

The remainder of the impregnation is injected with cocoa and mixed thoroughly, after which the already formed cake is coated with the resulting glaze.

Fantasies on the theme

tortoise tortie with kiwi

The recipe for the tortoise cake with sour cream is soI liked that many cooks began to make their changes in it. And the first thing they touched were mini-cakes. Very often you can find an option in which cocoa is added to the biscuit dough, and the glaze is directly cream-impregnation.

Another option on the topic is deliciousThe dessert is the tortoise "Turtle with kiwi". The changes relate only to the fact that during the "assembly" and decoration this sweet and sour fruit is added. Mini-biscuits are stacked together with its lobules, and the "shell" is completely decorated by them. By the way, that's why this option was called "Emerald Cake" Turtle "with sour cream." Photos of this cake can decorate any culinary album.

You can not just fantasize with cocoa orfruit. You can apply your rich experience in decorating a cake. To do this, use special culinary pencils and mastic to give a more recognizable shape to the dessert. You should only try once to create this delicious cake.

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