Pizza "Mia" (Ekaterinburg): addresses, menu

Italian cuisine is so fond of manyto the peoples of the world, that to imagine life, where there would be no opportunity at least periodically to eat pizza, is now practically impossible. Delivery to the house or to any other place of pizza "Mia" in Yekaterinburg (addresses and phones below) is now possible around the clock.


This network of establishments is very popular in the Russiancity ​​of Yekaterinburg, as there are restaurants all over its territory. And the reviews about them are the best. Visitors are pleasantly pleased and constantly surprised by new items in the menu, its main "backbone" - a large selection of pizza, as well as various salads, drinks, potatoes, chicken.

addresses pizza mya екатеринбург

You can make an order for a house (office) for bothcompanies of people, and for one person (a pizzeria will gladly deliver a few slices of pizza) to the address indicated. Pizza "Mia" (Yekaterinburg) is also affordable prices.


For customers here are offered the following types of delicious Italian pizza:

  • "Bavarian" (filling: ham, cheese, tomatoes, greens, cucumber, on a thick basis);
  • "Greek" (filling: bacon, mozzarella, feta, thick base);
  • "Village" closed (filling: smoked chicken, cheese, potatoes, garlic sauce);
  • "Pepperoni" (filling: sausages boiled and half-smoked, cheese, tomatoes, greens, sauce, thick base);
  • "Frieda" (filling: smoked chicken, champignons, cheese, tomatoes, greens, sauce, thick base);
  • "Hawaiian";
  • «Asian».

pizza mya екатеринбург around the clock addresses

Also you can taste salads (Greek and"Caesar"), chicken (chicken fillet, chicken drumstick, wings in breading), potatoes (fries, baked), hamburgers, desserts (macaroons, donuts, ice cream, cheesecake), drinks.

The children's menu includes: chicken nuggets, potato smilies, kits (a slice of pepperoni pizza, nuggets or chicken fillet - to choose from, potato smile, drink or juice). Also in the kit is a toy.


Pizza "Mia" in Yekaterinburg is sold around the clock on Prospekt Cosmonauts, 86, as well as on 8 March, 43A Street. Pizzeria at the address. March 8, 149 works from 10.00 to 22.00.

pizzeria is open around the clock

Also you can try pizza "Mia" in Yekaterinburg at the addresses:

  • ul. Weiner, 12;
  • Prospect Ordzhonikidze, 3;
  • ul. Karla Liebknecht, 16, building 18;
  • ul. Belinsky, 222 and others.
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