Restaurant Bagration Hall, St. Petersburg: address, menu, reviews

You like good European cuisine or you wantto taste Georgian dishes? Now it's not so difficult as before! Glad your loved ones by visiting a new restaurant on Leninsky Prospekt, 148, which is called Bagration Hall. The metro station at which it is located is "Moskovskaya", working hours: from 12:00 to 00:00.

Restaurant Bagration Hall (St. Petersburg) - an institution where you can not only relax, but also a good meal. Tell you more about it!


The restaurant "Bagration Hall" (St. Petersburg) is a two-storycomplex in which you can easily choose a cozy place for any event taking into account all your requests. Small halls of club type on the ground floor will allow to hold a friendly party or become a favorite place for romantic meetings with their second half.

Restaurant "Bagration Hall" (St. Petersburg)

Classic interior of the restaurant will addsolemnity to your event. Exquisite gold jewelry of the hall is perfectly combined with the brightness of the colors of luxurious bouquets of flowers. Original mirrors on the walls add shine to the interior space of the establishment. The interior of the restaurant will leave the best memories of connoisseurs of beauty.

Capacity and layout

Do not leave you indifferent and exquisite table setting. Beauty is created from thoughtful details, and the restaurant's atmosphere is a perfect confirmation of this.

By the way, did you know that similar restaurantsPeter is very popular with tourists? If you are expecting the arrival of friends from another city, be sure to bring them here. They will like it! What could be better than a warm, cozy hall with comfortable sofas for friendly meetings on winter evenings? The club restaurant seats up to 200 people, here you can dine or have dinner in a pleasant atmosphere. Your friends will have a great time at a casual conversation.

Restaurants in St. Petersburg
Do you plan to hold a solemn event and want to make your holiday memorable? Then it's time for you to book the second floor of the restaurant "Bagration Hall" on Leninsky Prospekt.

The banquet hall surprisingly combinesto itself refinement and shine. It accommodates up to 300 people, which means that all your guests will feel comfortable in this spacious place. The interior of the banquet hall is thought over to trifles, everything here will emphasize the significance of the moment - from sparkling chandeliers to beautiful glasses on your tables.


The menu is the most important aspect in any suchinstitution. Dishes that can satisfy your refined taste are the cuisine of the Bagration Hall restaurant. Caucasian food will not leave you indifferent. Acuity and spice, aroma and satiety - the chefs of the establishment know a lot about good food and quality cooking.

Traditional soup kharcho and hashlama is beautifulsuitable for your dinner. Kinkali with lamb and a fragrant broth will warm you in frosty days. Georgian cakes and, of course, shish kebab like true gourmets.

Be sure to try the dishes from the chef,who prepares them with love for all visitors. The assortment is constantly updated. Your guests will be happy to try a baked chicken or stuffed goose. And maybe you like a young pig? Your desires will be fulfilled in the best possible way! Baked sturgeon or sea trout will be an excellent choice for seafood lovers. If you want to see on your table the dishes of European cuisine or the vegetarian menu, the restaurant chefs will easily fulfill your wishes.

Bagration Hall: menu

The restaurant "Bagration Hall", the menu of whichquite diverse, is very popular. Especially worth noting is the richness of the wine list. You and your guests can enjoy fine wines or try real home Georgian spirits, and, perhaps, appreciate real grape vodka - chachu.
For hookah lovers, Friday evening is a real opportunity to enjoy the best aromas of smoke or taste new, unusual tastes.

Here often hold all kinds of actions,allowing not only pleasant, but also quite economical to spend time. Also, you can often participate in the promotion "Megrelsky khachapuri as a gift" when ordering from 1000 rubles from 18:00 to 20:00.

Important is the cost of food. The average price of a check is 1050 rubles. The restaurant has a flexible system of discounts - 30% for all menus from 12:00 to 18:00. This is another advantage of the institution.

Another plus of the restaurant is the possibilityordering Georgian dishes home or in the office. By the way, the banquet hall "Bagration Hall" menu is simply gorgeous, so it is ideal for celebrating any significant date in your life!


Separately, I want to mention another importanta detail that only adds to the charm of the restaurant. For you, almost every evening live music sounds! The ensemble of Georgian dance "Iveria" and the best performers of national songs will allow you to plunge into the sensual and romantic atmosphere of the Caucasus. For young visitors there is enough space for dancing, which means that your evening will not only be held in tasting dishes, but will also give you the opportunity to have some fun.

"Bagration Hall" in Leninsky

A comfortable scene will allow you to invite musiciansat your choice and enjoy quality light and sound. You have a tremendous opportunity to contribute to creating the atmosphere of your holiday! In the restaurant "Bagration Hall" even a weekday evening can become an unforgettable event. And these are not empty words! It is enough to read reviews of visitors of this modest institution. And even better - yourself to visit this wonderful place!

Everyone understands that many restaurants in St. Petersburg are much more popular than the institution, which is currently in question. However, it is worth noting that Bagration Hall is the place where you will definitely like it!


About this institution you can find manypositive feedback from visitors. All, of course, note the luxury of the interior and the quality of service, the waiters' attentiveness, the exquisite taste of the dishes and the fine atmosphere.

Dance music and a good show programlike young visitors. Club halls allow you to feel cozy for small companies. Appreciate the restaurant and the opportunity to participate in the planning of important solemn events.

Banquet Hall "Bagration Hall"
When ordering a banquet hall, you yourself can make a menu, discuss all the details of the upcoming celebration in a friendly atmosphere with the administrator.

The disadvantages include the need forreservation of tables in advance. But this, rather, says that the restaurant is loved by visitors. Restaurant "Bagration Hall" (St. Petersburg) perfectly combines the traditions of Georgian culture and the European level of service.


Today you have found another wonderful restaurant, which is definitely worth a visit. Here you can try the best author's dishes, listen to excellent music and even dance.

Restaurant "Bagration Hall" (SPb) is an ideal place for any events and parties. Be sure to come, try and relax!

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