Children's cafe for a birthday in Moscow: an overview

Choosing a children's cafe for a birthday in Moscow,many parents pay attention not only to the preferences of the kids, the price, but also to the feedback of visitors. In this article, we will look at several places that are perfect for celebrating such a significant event. So, what are the popular children's cafes for a birthday in Moscow?


This is a network of institutions. They are located at the addresses: st. Bratislava, 6; ul. Gilyarovsky, 39; M.Gruzinskaya, 15/1; pr. Leningradsky, 74/8; Ostrovityanova, 5.

The age category of visitors is from one year to 14 years.

For rent of a banquet hall it is necessary to pay from 1500 rubles at an o'clock. For the program should be given from 7500 rubles.

"Anderson" is an excellent institution for holdingcelebrations. You need to book in advance, because the cafe is very popular. Ordering a birthday in this institution, you must understand that the cake will also need to be taken here. Why? Because the main direction of "AnderSona" is confectionery.

children's cafe for a birthday in Moscow

What prepayment is paid for a child's holiday? Not less than 30% of the total amount.

The guests leave only positivereviews. Many celebrate the fine cuisine, as well as the original serving of dishes. Especially the guests like desserts. Children like it here because there are a lot of soft toys in the cafe.

Culinary Bureau Kitchen

Describing children's cafes for a birthday in Moscow, let's talk about Kitchen.

The institution is designed for children from two to 16 years.

For renting a room on average per hour, you need to give 4 thousand rubles. The same is worth the animation.

There are many entertainments for children (toys,platforms with game mats, climbing wall and others). Help to spend the holiday can your favorite characters of films and cartoons. The show with soap bubbles fascinates children. You can also take part in bright scientific experiments.

The café is open from nine in the morning until ten in the evening.

Address of the institution: Odintsovo district, Odintsovo, Mozhayskoe Shosse, 76A

Visitors note that there is delicious food and fun entertainment. Kids do not get bored, a lot of playgrounds like children.

Cafeteria № 1

If you are interested in children's cafes for a birthday in Moscow, then pay attention to this option. There is an establishment in a quiet corner of the capital at the address: Volokolamskoye Shosse, 30.

best children's cafe moscow

The interior is made in warm colors. Live flowers decorate the cafe. You can relax on soft sofas. The kitchen is quite diverse. This institution positions itself as a children's cafe, but here it is also possible to spend adult holidays.

The staff of the establishment is very polite and courteous.

As the visitors say,interesting. Though on external registration of it you will not tell. The food is delicious, the kids enjoy eating it with pleasure. Many visitors advise this cafe to their relatives.


Now you know the best children's cafes in Moscow. Feedback from visitors will help you choose the right institution.

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