Brief overview of the "Discount" bar at the "Pionerskaya" (St. Petersburg): menu, photo, address

Bar "Discount" at the "Pioneer" - this is one of thethe most favorite places of Petrograd. They often want to get guests of the cultural capital. It is part of a network of institutions that are located in different parts of the city. They all have absolutely the same concept, aimed at creating the most favorable conditions for the fun and comfort of such a visitor.


In the bar "Discount" at the "Pioneer" allarranged in a classical style. Here, the room is lit with floor lamps and sconces, there are luminous neon panels all around, as well as details of wood. The walls of the establishment are painted in an amethyst color. The institution is divided into two conditional rooms, the second of which is on the second tier - here you can climb a thin staircase.

Guests of the bar can stay on soft and verycomfortable sofas of light beige and red flowers, at low tables made of dark wood. Sitting at tables, guests can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of St. Petersburg's streets.


The menu of the "Discount" bar (on the "Pioneer" metro station) offers a wide choice of dishes, traditional for European and Japanese cuisines.

The "Japanese cuisine" section includes sushi, rolls (small and large, hot and cold, baked), sashimi, and a whole set made up of small sets.

If we talk about dishes of European cuisine, whichthere is a menu menu bar "Discount" on the "Pioneer", then the guests should pay attention to the wide variety of snacks (Italian bruschetta, chicken liver pate, tofu soufflé with spinach, coconut egg with smoked chicken, aranchini with mozzarella , club-sandwich, burrito with vegetables). In a separate section there are snacks, ideally combined with beer (croutons with cheese, root-dogs, cheese sticks, chicken wings in breading). There is also a wide selection of light salads (with beef in teriyaki sauce, chicken and seafood, Thai, Stolichniy, Norwegian, Cole Slo with chicken, scallops in a furikake sauce) and soups (borsch, with squid and chickpeas, broccoli cream soup, mushroom, tomato, "Finnish" soup). On the second, there are a number of dishes prepared from fish (steamed salmon, steamed pike, steamed cod, Fish & Chips, pike perch) and meat (Saj, chicken breast with vegetables, Burgundy beef, dumplings, manti, cutlets in Kiev).

In the list of dishes there are several suchtypical of Italian cuisine. In particular, it's pizza ("Widgetale", "Pepperoni", "Margarita", "Parmedzhane"), as well as pasta ("Linguini Gamberetto", "Kazerechchi Biff", "Bolognese", "Parmedzhane", "Al Polo"). .

At the "Disco" (on "Pionerskaya") bar, cake is offered "Medovik", branded desserts "Delight" and almond cake, as well as ice cream, which is cooked right in the kitchen of the establishment.

discount bar on pioneer


Bar map is represented by a wide selection of beer. It contains several varieties of this drink, which are cooked according to recipes from different countries of the world. There are also several types of cognac, vodka, whiskey, rum, gin, tequila and other alcoholic beverages. In addition, there is tea and coffee, as well as lemonades, fruit drinks, water and juice.

discount bar at the pioneer address

Additional Information

The administration of the institution regularly does everythingpossible that the leisure spent in a bar, was interesting for each visitor. On weekends, various dance and vocal show programs are arranged in the Disco Bar at Pionerskaya. Photo reports about such events can be viewed in the official groups of the institution, which are conducted in social networks. Often for the entertainment of guests are invited strippers.

On the territory of the "Discount" there is free access to the high-speed Internet, and guests who come by car can leave it near the entrance to the institution - at a free parking lot.

discount bar on pioneer photo report

Address of the institution and mode of operation

The pub opens its doors to guests daily from noon and runs until 6 am. The karaoke zone, which is loved by many, works from 11 pm.

Address of the bar "Discount" (at the "Pioneer"): St. Petersburg, Prospect Testers, 7.

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