"Shop of the brothers Karavaev": tasty and inexpensive - is it possible?

Moscow Network "Culinary Shop BrothersKaravaevyh "has grown to 32 establishments in less than a decade.In the culinary landscape of Moscow, where it is sincere to sit and eat deliciously, it means at the same time and a lot to pay, the benches stand out prominently, combining soulfulness and accessibility.

Work principles

The founder of the network Evgeny Katzenelson has a largeexperience in the restaurant business. He talks about a number of important principles that underlie each of his institutions: be ready to perform any task, work directly with suppliers, prepare food properly and spread it nicely. All this allows us to supply our own products to such major Moscow chains as Yakitoria, and also to grow without investing in marketing.

caravan shop

The network has its own productionshop area of ​​1000 square meters, where baking and confectionery products are delivered to establishments, but some dishes are brought to the readiness directly on the ground. At the same time, waiting for a hot dish, for example an omelet, "Brothers of Karavaevs" can compete with fast food establishments. On average, each institution operates 15 people.

Food and discounts

The "Shop of the Karavaev brothers" unitesshop and cafe. In the presence of seats there are no waiters, and absolutely the entire range can be taken out. The windows show a large number of various pastries, desserts, as well as salads, second courses and side dishes. The cafe offers fresh and tasty food based on the usual home recipes. Here they reproduce a cookery format familiar to many from the Soviet era, but they are guided by the European concept of the variety of affordable high quality food. We can say that "Bench of the Karavaev brothers" is a home-made food store.

brother's shop of caravan addresses

Despite the fact that at lunch breaks in eachthe establishment of the network accumulates queues of office workers from nearby business centers, "Karavaev brothers' shop" does not offer a special lunch menu. However, after 7 pm there is a 20% discount on a significant part of the assortment, in particular bakery products.


Most of the establishments are located near the metro stationIn the alleys near crowded streets within the Boulevard Ring. Gradually, the network extends beyond the boundaries of the Third Transport. The address "The Caravan Brothers' Store", with which the history of this successful project began, is Milyutinsky Lane, Building 15, Building 1. The largest store currently located is located at Prospekt Mira, Building 26, Building 1.</ span </ p>

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