Cafe on Tsvetnoy Boulevard: addresses, menus, reviews. Cafe in Moscow

Moscow is the capital of our country, multi-milliona city with great opportunities. The best restaurants, bars, entertainment venues are concentrated right here. Color Boulevard - one of the central streets of the city with high traffic. The establishments located on it are very popular among Muscovites and guests of the capital. It remains only to understand how they are suitable for comfortable rest, what conditions are offered to their guests. Feedback from visitors will help us to make an objective selection of cafes on Tsvetnoy Boulevard and highlight only the most worthy of them.

"The Cherretto"

Cafe "Cheretto" on Tsvetnoy Boulevard - smallItaly in the center of the capital. The interior of the establishment is modern and elegant at the same time. The cafe is represented by several halls: main and banquet. The main hall is decorated in the best traditions of Italy: bright shiny shades, small shelves with small things, an abundance of greenery textiles.

Cafe Cheretto on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

But the main pride of the institution is the collection of winethe famous Italian family of Cheretto. Where, if not here, enjoy the divine taste and the enchanting aroma of real wine. The menu is represented by traditional Italian dishes: pasta, risotto, salads from a mix of vegetables and greens. Visitors strongly recommend eating aubergines baked with Parmesan, a very unusual fetuchcini with shrimps and zucchini under a tender creamy sauce. The establishment is luxurious, worthy of true gourmets, aesthetes, who want to receive a tremendous pleasure not only from the kitchen, but also the place in which they are. This is one of the best cafes in Moscow, and not just on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Be sure to schedule his visit during your walk. Moreover, you can have dinner with aphids here for quite acceptable for Moscow money: the average check for two persons is 1000 - 1500 rubles.

Address: Moscow, Tsvetnoy boulevard, 11, p. 3.

"Dried apricots"

But a bright representative of network institutions,represented in various cities of the country - "Uryuk." The cafe on Tsvetnoy Boulevard honors the tradition of oriental hospitality and offers guests to enjoy the delicious dishes of Uzbek cuisine. Guests are offered to stay in one of two cozy rooms. The restaurant's chip is an open kitchen, allowing each visitor to watch the process of cooking.

The interior of the cafe is made in the traditional easternstyle, which sets the appropriate atmosphere: comfortable sofas with brocade cushions, carpets with oriental ornaments and patterns, muted light. The atmosphere of the restaurant is set to relax, come here to relax and unwind.

The menu of the cafe is represented not only by dishesUzbek and Uighur cuisine, here you can find dishes of Russian and even Japanese cuisine. Lagman, pilaf, real Siberian dumplings, shish kebab from different kind of meat, samsa, real Thai tom-yam - all this you will find here. If you want to spend your evening here, it is better to book a table in advance.

Address: Moscow, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 30c1.


We would like to present to your attention the excellenta family cafe, where visitors come from large, friendly companies with young children. Cafe "Lampshade" on Tsvetnoy Boulevard was so fond of many that his visit became a kind of family tradition. This is an institution that can be recommended to friends and acquaintances.

Cafe "Lampshade" on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

All guests are waiting for the stunning Ossetian pies,homemade cutlets with tender mashed potatoes, vareniki with cherries, sea-buckthorn tea with honey and many other original and tasty dishes. Visitors note that the cafe is ideal for family dinners and dinners, meetings with friends, like here and those who are looking for a place for a quick snack. The staff is friendly, polite, attentive, cheers up in a few moments. The chip of the project is board games. They are offered in a variety of ways, so large friendly companies will definitely find themselves than themselves, when the topics for discussion will end.

In general, an excellent cafe on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, with a cozy atmosphere, stunning cuisine and affordable prices.

Address: Moscow, Maly Sukharevsky Lane, 11.


It is difficult to say that the cafe "Youth" - on the ColoredBoulevard, because the restaurant is located away from the main street. Nevertheless, it managed to get fond of many Muscovites and guests of the capital, and therefore is present in our review.

The interior of the cafe is quite simple and concise, andbright wall panels add to it freshness and modernity. The authors of the project position this cafe in Moscow as a youth, but here you can meet guests of a more mature and respectable age.

Cafe "Youth" on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

The menu is represented by simple dishes of Russian andEuropean cuisine, and distinguishes their author's presentation. Cooks, trying to surprise their guests, constantly fill up the menu with interesting recipes, offer non-standard combinations of products, brew coffee on a new recipe. In general, the cafe always remains interesting, even if you visit it every week.

Address: Moscow, Last Lane, 2s4.

"Lao Li"

And here is another striking example of an institution locatedaway from the busy street. "Lao Li" - a cafe on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, where you can enjoy the peace, tranquility, as well as Vietnamese cuisine. Residents of the metropolis of this sometimes really is not enough.

"Lao Li" cafe on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

Regular visitors to the cafe have already become connoisseursexotics. Here it is felt in everything: from the interior to the culinary delights. Soups - the pride of the institution. Cooks regularly expand their assortment, which, of course, pleases their guests. If you had the opportunity to visit Vietnam and get acquainted with national cuisine, consider yourself a real connoisseur of exotics, at this cafe you will definitely like it. They know everything about the traditions, the secrets of the national cuisine, so do not deviate from them. Stably delicious food, cooked with a soul - what distinguishes the cafe "Lao Li".

In general, this is an excellent option for those who wantsnack, while not overloading your stomach. Cafes have long been chosen by adherents of proper nutrition, healthy food and vegetarians, because they serve a huge amount of vegetable soups, salads. Be sure to visit this small Asian corner in the center of the capital.

Address: Moscow, Miusskaya Sq., 9, p. 11.

"Pete & Suwak"

Just recently, the amazing Greekcafe on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. The author of the project was the owner of a well-known company Hellenic Goods, engaged in the supply of Greek food to Russia. The place immediately attracted the attention of visitors.

Greek Cafe on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

In order to achieve the desired color,Greek freshness, add sun and ease of accommodation, from Greece was brought wicker furniture, natural fabrics, dishes and cutlery. For the kitchen in the cafe meets the Greek chef Euripides Ziridis. Classic Greek salad, baked vegetables with suluguni cheese, small skewers on skewers, pita with bacon, fresh and fragrant pastries, freshly squeezed juices flavored coffee - all this can be tasted here. The menu is constantly expanding and replenishing. The main ingredients for the preparation of culinary masterpieces: olives, olive oil, feta cheese and pita chef specially brought from Greece. Due to this, it is possible to achieve an original taste.

Address: Moscow, Sadovaya-Samotnaya Str. 15/1.

"Spices and Joy"

The menu of the cafe is designed by the chefs Izoy Dzandzavaand Yuri Manchuk, so that visitors can choose for themselves the dishes of classical European and Oriental cuisine. You will always be spicy, rich in a variety of combinations of cuisine. The menu is presented both by traditional dishes, and author's in the performance of the chefs.

Cafe on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

Home-like warm and cozy interior withwooden benches, soft armchairs and decorative elements gives a feeling of calm and warmth even on the grayest and rainy day. This is an excellent option for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. On weekends, visitors are invited to perform live performances of cover bands, bright show programs for children and their parents, as well as theme parties. Excellent family cafe in the center of the capital, which will definitely become a favorite place for your leisure and recreation.

Address: Moscow, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 26, p. 1.

Max Brenner

But this cafe on Tsvetnoy Boulevard will bea real paradise for sweet tooth, this is a real chocolate world with an abundance of desserts. We suggest you enjoy chocolate sweets, cakes, cakes, chocolate fondue and a cocktail. A place with a unique warm and cozy atmosphere, you can get warm in a few moments, even on the coldest winter night.

Continue your chocolate adventure all the guestscafes will be in a chocolate shop where you can buy tiles of real high-end chocolate, colorful candy, nuts in chocolate and caramel and much more.

Stunning atmosphere in the center of the city, a cozy and cute cafe, where you can spend an evening in love with a couple, meet friends.

Address: Moscow, Tsvetnoy Bulvar, 2.


If you are looking for a cafe on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, whereyou can eat, pay attention to the institution "Rake". You will find a simple interior, presented with nice tables, comfortable sofas. The concept of the project is built on self-service. Visitors, armed with trays, choose from the whole range of culinary creations. It is noteworthy that most of them are cooked before their eyes. You choose a piece of fish, chicken or pork, and the cafe cooks will prepare a steak of the necessary roasting, a chop or boil in salted water.

Cafe in Moscow

The place is devoid of frills, here you will not meet waiters, but this is an excellent option for lunches and dinners, here you can even meet with friends and colleagues at work.

Address: Moscow, Tsvetnoy boulevard, 11, p. 2.

Summing up

We presented to your attention the best cafes onColor Boulevard, where you can have a great time, have a snack or celebrate an important event in your life. Sincerely we hope that among the represented institutions you will find a special place for yourself, invite your friends and relatives and have a great time in their company.

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