"Bagration" is the cognac of real kings. History of creation and international awards

Cognac "Bagration" - refined and populardrink. A favorite of businessmen and successful people, he always serves as a decoration for any festive table. Endowed with exquisite taste and delicate aroma, he has been delighting consumers for many years not only in Russia, but also abroad.

A bit of history

Cognac is produced by the Kizlyar Plant, whichis famous for its unique and high-quality products. It is located in the Dagestan Republic, on the territory of the Russian Federation. The real gem of the collection is Bagration - brandy, which has several options for bottling: on porcelain and glass bottles, jars, kegs, gift bowls.

bagration cognac
The history of the creation of the drink originates in 1980. Then in honor of the Olympic Games, which took place in Moscow, they decided to make the cognac "Olympic". In oak barrels have laid down a drink with a vanilla, floral taste, with notes of chocolate and honey. But the idea did not come true, so for ten years the producers forgot about it. In 1994, the "Olympic" was pulled out of stocks and on its basis created "Bagration".

The drink was immediately approved by the buyers. And this is not surprising: the average age of spirits, which contains brandy "Bagration", is 20 years. The figure is solid and inspires confidence in both ordinary people and the higher circles of society. Therefore, the drink is readily purchased by representatives of different classes, social statuses and religious affiliations.

general characteristics

"Bagration" is cognac of dark amber color. Today it pleases with a rich taste with a light spicy tint. The fortress reaches 40about, which is considered the norm for any highly alcoholic products. The sugar content in one liter is 10 grams. This is the golden mean that made the drink a bit tart and moderately sweet.

brandy Bagration 20 years old
Cognac has tanning notes with an astringenteffect, in it we barely catch the aftertaste of sherry. Simultaneously pronounced honey-vanilla composition with shades of nutmeg. "Bagration" is cognac, which can not be drunk at a salvo. It must be sipped in small sips to fully experience the deep and elite taste.

But that is not all. The aftertaste will not disappoint you either. On the lips remains a trail of aromas of chocolate and fruits, so the drink is ideal for desserts and cakes. Cognac is also perfectly combined with smoking some varieties of cigars and leisurely communication in a pleasant company.


Kizlyar cognac "Bagration" is a real crownalcohol products. He has an iron reputation. True connoisseurs dubbed him "the king of cognacs and brandy of kings", which speaks of his high and impeccable quality.

Kizlyar brandy Bagration

The drink has been repeatedly noted on internationalcompetitions and alcohol competitions. He received two of the highest awards "Grand Prix", two Big gold medals, twenty-one prizes in the field of cognac production. "Bagration" is cognac, which is quoted throughout Europe. Only in the UK he was awarded the International Certificate. To all this we can add that he is recognized as the best in the special nomination "Gourmet Drink".

If you have never tried this cognac, do notlose time. Be sure to buy a bottle of an unusual drink. And when the rainy evening becomes boring and melancholy, wrapped up in a warm blanket, together with your beloved, taste the divine cognac. Pleasantly warming inside, it will give a feeling of lightness and a range of positive emotions.

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