What are juices? We'll find out!

Probably, everyone knows about whatuse of freshly squeezed juices. Such beverages contain the same useful biological substances as in the fresh fruits themselves. But in liquid form these trace elements are quickly absorbed by the body.

what are the juices

Now we will tell you about the juices,their names are listed. Also describe their positive properties, as well as the effect on the body. Having such information, you can improve your health by simply eating tasty and vitamin drinks.


What are juices? Vegetable, fruit, berry and even juice from the leaves. Each of them has its own purpose. For example, orange juice helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. It is often prescribed as a fortifying agent for liver diseases and hypertension. This juice also perfectly removes fatigue and raises vitality.

What is the juice flowing from the brokentrunks of birch? Of course, birch. This is a very tasty drink. It is used even in medicine. Birch juice is often used as a diuretic, and it also perfectly helps to cope with depressive conditions.

what is the juice

Fruit and berry

Grape juice is good for people suffering fromheart disease, because it helps prevent the formation of blood clots. As for apricot, it helps to remove excess fluid from the body, but it is not recommended to drink to those who want to lose weight, as well as diabetics. In order to improve digestion, you can eat pear juice. It is enriched with cellulose and is often used in medicine as a diuretic.

What kind of juice is it? For example, plum. It helps to remove excess water from the body, as well as salt. This juice is a wonderful laxative. As for the apple, it contains a huge amount of useful organic acids, as well as carbohydrates and vitamins. This juice is useful to drink to smokers who are trying to end this addiction. Apple juice can partially restore the affected lungs. But for this you need not only to drink juice, but also not to smoke. In diseases of the respiratory system, it is also recommended to drink apple nectar.

And what are the juices that help in the fight against superfluousweight? First of all I would like to recall the pineapple. It contains a substance such as bromelain. It improves fat metabolism and takes part in the process of fat splitting.

what are fruit and berry juices

In addition, in the fight against excess weight will helpcherry juice, but if you have high acidity, then you should not drink it. The most faithful friend at losing weight is lemon juice. This drink will definitely help you lose a few pounds, but the truth, it tastes not very pleasant.

Vegetable drinks

What are vegetable juices? First of all, they can be referred to as tomato. It really satiates and completely relieves the feeling of hunger. In addition, it contains substances that help to prolong youth.

What other juices are from vegetables? For example, carrot and beet. These juices have a positive effect on vision, especially if you put two vegetables together in one drink. As for the carrot, it can be diluted with apple or orange. Such a mixture increases immunity and has fortifying properties. Thanks to this, the digestive system begins to work better. Carrot juice helps to remove toxins and toxins from the body.

what are the vegetable juices

The Benefits of Immunity

And what are the juices that increase immunity? This category includes, for example, juice from cranberries. It is a good antitumour agent and helps to get rid of infections in the urinary tract. In addition, it perfectly cleanses the body of toxins.

Cucumber juice can be drunk for those who have problems with pressure, and this juice also strengthens tooth enamel.

With a stomach ulcer it will be useful to eat potato. A cabbage juice will help normalize fat metabolism. It also perfectly cleanses the intestines from various types of contaminants.

Tips for those who love fruit and vegetable juices

Now you know what juices are. Sometimes it is better not to eat this or that fruit, but make of it a delicious, vitamin drink. So you will ensure the maximum digestibility of the beneficial substances contained in it.

what are the name juices

If you eat freshly squeezed juices, thenyou need to know a few rules for their admission. It is not recommended to drink juice immediately after you have prepared it. He must be a little insistent. At the same time you can not store juice for too long. It is best to drink it ten to fifteen minutes after cooking.

Although there is one exception, it concernsbeet juice. It should be held for about two hours in the refrigerator before use. This is necessary in order to destroy all harmful substances in the juice and remain only useful.

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