Fast food restaurant chain "Siberian pancakes": addresses, menu, reviews

What Russian does not like tasty hot pancakes? And in the modern world to mess around with the test, not everyone can afford to prepare the filling. Therefore, when the company "Siberian pancakes" came into the market, it was received with great enthusiasm. Still, a huge range of products, various fillings, and all this is wrapped up in divine hot pancakes. It remains only to enjoy their excellent taste. Today we want to tell you about the peculiarities of the work of the company "Siberian pancakes", which in just a few years has grown to the size of a giant holding company.

Siberian pancakes

Briefly about the main

Everyone has their own tastes, and it's quite obvious. The company "Siberian pancakes" is a perfect menu serving and interior design, which is perfectly stylized to provide visitors with an atmosphere of tranquility and coziness. That's why almost everyone who comes here once, becomes a regular visitor to the network. The institution uses only natural products of better quality, which will please even the most fastidious visitor.

The main advantages

The company "Siberian pancakes" takes care ofvisiting any of the institutions was a pleasure for everyone without exception. Highly qualified staff will always help with the selection of orders. Gallant service will leave only positive impressions. In the institution you can taste delicious snacks at reasonable prices. To date, this network of cafes has grown so much that it has become familiar and beloved in many cities of Russia. And how else could it be, if pancakes are a symbol of Russian cuisine.

cafe tomsk

In the city of students

Indeed, where else could she turn aroundfast food network, how not in this city? There are always a lot of students studying here, for whom it is not always possible to have lunch in a cafe. Tomsk has always been very hospitable and adherent to Russian traditions. Two institutions of this network are very popular here. The largest is located at: Kievskaya Street, 13. This is a cafe for family holidays, where you will not only be cordially greeted, but also deliciously fed with real Siberian pancakes, which are prepared according to old recipes. The variety of fillings and sauces will not leave anyone indifferent. Meat and chicken, fish and vegetable, sweet pancakes will become a favorite everyday dish.

cafe network

Dishes for taking or rest in the hall

You have many reasons to visit itcozy cafe. Tomsk is a big and extraordinarily beautiful city. To walk around it properly, you need to find a great place for a snack. More precisely, you will not have to search for more. The second branch of this network is located at: Novosibirsksky Lane, 10. It's an excellent option to take pancakes with you if you're in a hurry, or a tasty snack right at the table. To a hot dish you will be offered a rich assortment of tea, coffee and soft drinks. And sweet tooth will be very pleased with a huge selection of milk and chocolate cocktails, delicious ice cream with fruit sauce or syrups. Here, it will not be boring and the smallest, those who are usually not interested in sitting at tables at the table. The network of cafes provides game labyrinths and automatic machines, which provide the kids with exceptional joy. The working time is the same for all cafes of the network - from 10:00 to 21:00.

Judging by the reviews, not only students, but also manypeople who have long been out of this age often use the services of the network in question. People emphasize that here you can eat very tasty and inexpensive, the staff is nice, and the range is simply stunning.

Siberian pancakes Novosibirsk

Network of small kiosks

About them, too, you can not forget, if we promised youtell about the activities of the company "Siberian pancakes". Tomsk is no exception, and here around the city there are also several dozen small stalls in which you can always buy hot pancakes take. For example, in the Lenin Square near this stall is always a queue, because the glory of the product has long flown the entire city.

Judging by the feedback from regular customers, the productsthis company is a great way to eat and have lunch. Pancakes are big and very hearty, you can not always eat even one. In addition to the fact that the seller will tell you all the available fillings, you can add onion and greens, different sauces and fresh vegetables to each of them. The cost of about 140 rubles for a full-fledged pancake, that is, in fact, lunch or dinner.

Siberian pancakes kemerovo

Delicious pancakes in Novosibirsk

It is not necessary to go to Tomsk to get acquainted withrange of products of this company. For today and in other cities of Russia already there are "Siberian pancakes". Novosibirsk as the center of Siberia, too, was no exception. The first one here was opened pancake at the address: Vatutina street, house 28a, building 2. You can get there by reaching the station "Ploshchad K. Marx". For guests, the doors are open from 8:00 to 20:00. This is a relatively small kiosk, in which you can choose pancakes, fillings and sauces, and also to drink tea. Judging by the reviews of regular visitors, all products are fresh and very tasty.

But this is not the only fast food restaurant"Siberian pancakes". The second most popular is located at: Pokryshkina Street 6, Building 1. Opening hours are from 8:00 to 21:00. All products are cooked in your presence, which has to trust. Pancakes with ham and cheese, smoked meat and red caviar are the sales hits. For fans of exclusive products there is a pancake with salmon, with pork and pineapple, with mushroom julienne and much more.

Siberian pancakes Tomsk

"Siberian pancakes" (Kemerovo)

As you can see, it is Siberia that is the warmestrefers to the Russian culinary traditions, loves and appreciates the national cuisine. And how not to fall in love with a hot pancake after a walk in the fierce frost? To date, the company is just beginning to place its outlets in the city of Kemerovo, but even now its products are recognized everywhere. Residents of the city note that it attracts the highest quality and reasonable price. The average cost of a huge, satisfying and very tasty pancake is around a hundred rubles, which is an excellent alternative to almost any city cafe.

One of the very first and famous points in the citylocated at: Lenin Ave., house 59a. Pancakes here are baked right at you, you can have a snack on the spot or take food with you. Keep in mind that pancakes are most delicious from the frying pan, so do not delay the meal in the long box. The company started its long way to success from Tomsk, it was here that this brand first appeared, that's why many people call products with Tomsk pancakes. Although there are among the regular customers of this company and those who say that the most delicious products are sold only in Tomsk.

fast food cafe pancakes

Instead of concluding

Fast food in the form of hamburgers and hot dogs for a long time alreadyboring people. Everyone understands that the body receives little from a roll with sausage, flavored with mayonnaise and ketchup. In the network of the cafe of fast food "Siberian pancakes" the buyer is offered the freshest products made from milk, eggs and flour. The stuffing is meat and fish, fresh vegetables and herbs. That is, such a snack can be a worthy alternative to a homemade dinner.

An additional bonus is thatPreparation of pancakes occurs immediately after the order, before eating it for food. This affects the best way on the taste of the prepared dish. Constant buyers joke that the only disadvantage of service in this network is that sellers offer a variety of additives to the main filling, which can sometimes significantly increase the cost of the pancake. However, it is worth to argue that the additives can and refuse, pancakes from this do not lose too much in their taste. They are already great and very tasty. If you like pancakes, but do not want to stand for a long time at the stove with a frying pan, then come to one of the cafes of this huge network, buy and enjoy.

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