The original recipe. Cheremucca cake with sour cream and berries

Recipe for cake cherry

From time immemorial our ancestors were made from bird cherryvarious pastries. Bird cherry flour and is now sold in supermarkets, but for some reason does not enjoy such a demand as wheat. Probably, people do not know about its useful properties or simply do not want to know, but in vain. This amazing plant grows in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Europe. Fruits of birdflies usually do not eat raw, as they have an acid-bitter taste, but they produce amazing drinks, fillings and jelly. Also from these berries make flour, from which friable pies, pies and cakes are baked.

Women living in Siberian villages,there was a unique recipe. Cheremuhov's cake was infused with strawberry, currant and cherry jam, and it turned out to be surprisingly succulent and festive. In our time it is impossible to buy such pastries in stores, for some reason the food industry bypasses such culinary delights.

Do not worry, because the cakebird cherry is the most delicious you can bake at home from simple and affordable food. For better impregnation, various strong drinks are used: cognac, rum, liqueur. If you cook for children, it is better to use fruit syrups. In Siberia, this cake is called "Paul Robson" - a beautiful name for a delicious pie. So, write down the recipe.

Cheremucco cake with sour cream

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Dough products: a glass of bird cherry flour, two eggs, sour cream (three hundred grams), a little soda and sugar.

For the cream will need: vanillin, sour cream - the amount depends on the volume of the cake, on average, not less than 250 gr. fatty sour cream.

Glaze: syrup for impregnation (you can water with sugar), butter (50 gr.), Chocolate bars.

We begin with the preparation of the dough: First, beat the eggs well, then pour in the sugar and continue to whisk. When the mass becomes lush, you can carefully add sour cream and soda. Stir all the ingredients and add sifted bird cherry flour. The dough turns out like a pancake. We pour it into the prepared form and set it to bake for half an hour. Korzh will rise about twice when it is ready, it needs to be cut into 2-3 parts, as it will.

sweet cherry cake

Cooking cream: vanillin, powder and sour cream stir whisk. If the mass turned liquid, it can be put for a while in the refrigerator.

Glaze: on a water bath, melt the butter, add the chocolate.

The first cake is lubricated with syrup or with a strongdrink. Apply a lot of sour cream and cover the second layer. The last biscuit is also impregnated, filled with chocolate glaze. If you want to make a pattern, then pre-cool the cake. Here is such an amazing recipe. Cheremukhov's cake will please absolutely everyone. It is soft, juicy, tender and, most importantly, useful.

And finally, we will surprise you with another delicious dish.

Cheremukhov's cake (photo below) "Uralsky" with berries

cherry cake

Ingredients: butter (100 grams), two eggs, semolina (half cup), kefir (glass), sugar, bird cherry flour (1.5 cups), almonds (50 grams), any berries (300 grams), citric acid and soda (by pinch).

In grated eggs with granulated sugar or powderadd kefir, butter, mango, soda, lemon, flour. Knead the dough. Divide into two parts, one of them put almonds. Bake for no more than 20 minutes. When the cakes are ready, smear them with sour cream or custard, and put fresh berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries) on top of each.

Excellent old recipe. Cheremukhovy cake with berries and almonds is a gourmet find. Try it once, you will fall in love forever.

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