The recipe for the Mikado cake. Armenian cooking recipe

In this article we will talk about such a dessert ascake "Mikado". The Armenian recipe for this treat is offered in detail in our article. There are many different ways of cooking. Their essence consists in the following: thin cakes are baked in an oven (sometimes even in a frying pan), then impregnated with a cream. There are a lot of options for making a cream: you can impregnate with creamy fat, sour cream, make a custard or cream on a boiled condensed milk. It is the latter species that will be included in the cake recipe below.

The Mikado. Armenian recipe
recipe for mikado cake Armenian recipe

Preparation will take you about two hours. It will take ten to one and a half tons of thin cakes and an orange cream. Nothing superfluous will not. So, the cake "Mikado", a recipe with a photo.

Necessary ingredients

For the cake:

  • 2 eggs;
  • half a glass of sugar (about gram 100);
  • half a package of sour cream (about 100 ml);
  • soft butter (about 100 g);
  • wheat flour 3 cups (+ a little more for dust);
  • half a spoonful of soda.

For cream:

  • a large package (for 400 g) of sour cream;
  • half a can of condensed milk (boiled).


  • sweet tooth can add sugar to the dough or cream, thus adapting to your taste preferences cake recipe.

"Mikado": Armenian recipe and turn-based cooking technology
 Armenian Mikado Cake

1st step

Rub sugar with melted butter. Stuff eggs there, add sour cream and soda. Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Gradually pour the sifted wheat flour. Perhaps, you will take a little less than 3 glasses. Orient on the consistency of the test: it should be a little softer than the dumplings. Take it to the refrigerator for half an hour.

Step 2

Divide the cooled dough into 12-15 pieces, eachof which thinly roll. If necessary, add flour. It is better and most convenient to roll the biscuits on baking paper. Cut the dough by the size you can both at this stage, and at the stage of forming the cake. It is more convenient to give the desired form to the baked cakes. Before you send the dough into the oven, it must be stuck in several places with a fork.

Step 3

The temperature is 190 degrees, the time is 3-4 minutes foreach cake - these are the parameters that provide a recipe for the cake "Mikado". The Armenian dessert recipe guarantees an excellent result. If you stick to technology, the delicacy will turn out to be tender and very tasty. Make sure that the cakes are not burnt. After baking, cut each layer according to the desired pattern (you can use a large plate). Cuttings do not throw out, they will be useful for covering a cake.

Step 4

After all the cakes have been baked, you needto prepare a cream. The recipe for the cake "Mikado" (Armenian recipe) provides for the impregnation of the cake with sour cream and boiled condensed milk. These ingredients must be thoroughly shaken. The consistency of the cream should not be liquid or too thick. He well lays down on the dough, does not flow. They need to lubricate every cake.

Mikado Cake Recipe with Photo

Step 5

Leave the cake soaked at room temperatureThen, change the temperature to 3 hours. Ready dessert is very tender. Moderate sweetness (if you used the specified amount of ingredients), a harmonious taste cream, thin cakes - the main advantages of this treat. Prepare the dish can also be in the form of rectangular cakes. Decorate the dessert to your taste. You can sprinkle the remaining crumb (it is crushed with a rolling pin) or grated chocolate. Have a nice tea!

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