How to make a cake "Simpler"? The recipe will help!

Each of us in the shower a little cook. And everyone would like, without having first-class culinary skills, to cook a delicious cake. It's easier to not use a simple recipe at all, but to buy a cake in a store. But why overpay? After all, such a dessert can cook any person. This will help culinary recipes. Cakes are mostly cooked in the oven, and this is long and difficult. However, there is an easier way. This recipe describes in detail how to make a simple cake quickly and delicious. What can be more pleasant than to please your loved ones with a delicious sweet dessert with a custard that is prepared with your own hands?

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Nothing will replace the atmosphere of coziness and comfort fromfamily gatherings, and sweet will brighten up the evening and make it especially enjoyable. Delicacy consists of eight cakes and a delicious custard. The big plus is that you do not even need to warm up the oven to cook this cake. A simpler recipe suggests making it in a frying pan. Each cake is cooked for about two minutes, respectively, to cook it will not be difficult for anyone. Below are the ingredients to make a cake "Simpler simple". The recipe will quickly create a delicious dessert for yourself and guests.

Ingredients for cake
Condensed milk125 grams
Soda0.3 tsp.
Wheat flour1.6 tbsp.
Table vinegar5 ml
Egg1 PC.
Ingredients for Cream
Sugar, vanilla25 grams
Butter1 tbsp. l.
Wheat flour250 ml
Milk100 g
Sugar0.5 tbsp.
Chicken eggs

1 PC.

1. Cooking is the longest process, the cream will be created in a few minutes. To prepare the cakes will need wheat flour, egg, condensed milk, soda and vinegar. So, let's start:

- We connect the egg with the condensed milk and a mixer or fork, whisk till a homogeneous mass;

- add soda, vinegar, flour and knead the dough;

- the resulting dough is divided into eight parts, each of which is rolled out on a board, evenly sprinkled with flour, to the state of a thin cake;

- each cake fry in a hot dry frying pan for about 2 minutes;

- gently cut out the cakes with a diameter of 13-14 cm, you can do this using a plate and knife (the remainders of the cake are not thrown away, they will be useful for cooking crumbs - if desired).

2. To prepare the custard you need ingredients: milk, sugar, wheat flour, one egg, butter, sugar (vanilla). We perform the following manipulations:

- We combine milk, egg and flour, add sugar and whisk thoroughly with a fork or mixer, bring to a boil, stirring constantly;

- add butter to the mixture and cook for about 30 seconds.

how to cook a simple cake

Crusts ready

Further we lubricate the cakes with hot cream, collectcake from cakes and cover with cream top and sides, which will help make the cake "Simpler simple" tastier. The recipe does not dictate the rules of strict covering, so you can invent it yourself. The preserved remnants of the cake can be wiped on a grater or chopped using a food processor, and then sprinkled them with the whole cake. After that, leave the cake for about three hours.

Cake is a simple recipe

It is possible to use nuts or any otheringredients for sprinkling or do not use anything (to taste). It is also possible to decorate the cake at will. Ready cake should be served lightly cooled, but not cold. The cream will give the cake a special delicate taste, which, no doubt, will please everyone who tasted it.

Bon Appetit!

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