Raspberry compote: recipe

Surely every mistress has her own recipescooking and secrets. Most representatives of the weaker sex not only prepare food for daily use, but also make winter preparations. This article will tell you about how to cook raspberry compote. The recipe with a step-by-step instruction will be presented to your attention below. You will find out the proportions of the products and the basic nuances of making this drink.

crimson compote

Raspberry compote

This drink is rich in useful vitamins andminerals. It can be prepared both from fresh berries, and with the use of frozen fruits. It is recommended to serve the drink in the cooled form in summer and in hot winter.

Raspberry compote perfectly quenches thirst and willbenefit your body. The fruits of this plant actively fight with bacteria and pathological microorganisms. Raspberry has long been used to treat diseases of the respiratory system and certain infections. Also, the fruits of the plant will help future mothers prepare their body for childbirth.

raspberry compote recipe

Method of preparation of a drink

Before cooking raspberry compote, you needdetermine the way it is served. For a cold drink you will need less water. Raspberry compote in this case will be more concentrated. If you plan to treat everyone with a hot drink or conserve the broth, then the amount of water and sugar should be proportionally increased.

Take one kilogram of berries. If you use a frozen product, it must first be left for two hours in the refrigerator. Thus, thawing will be most beneficial for the fruit. It is not necessary to wash raspberries. Sort out the hard berries and separate them from the leaves. Put a pan of water on the fire and bring the liquid to a boil. Pour sugar in a thin trickle. For one kilogram of berries you will need two liters of water and 300 grams of sugar. Such proportions should be observed in the event that you are going to serve a chilled raspberry compote. For hot or canned drinking on the indicated number of fruits you need to take 5 liters of water and 500 grams of sugar.

After the sand has completely dissolved in the boiling liquid, place the berries in it. The mixture should be cooked for 5-7 minutes. Then remove the pan from the fire.

how to cook raspberry compote

The final stage of preparation

Raspberry compote for cold feeding needcool and add lemon juice in the amount of 50 milliliters. After that, you can pour the liquid on the glasses and, if necessary, put ice in them. Decorate the drink with a few berries of fresh raspberries and insert a tube.

For preserving the product it is necessary to pourhot raspberry compote in jars. Then close the workpiece tightly with a lid and turn it over. In this situation, the drink should stand for two days in a warm place. After that, you need to move it to a dark and cool room. In this condition, banks can wait their hour for a long time. After opening the drink, you can also serve it warmly or supplement it with ice slices.

recipe for raspberry compote


Now you know how to cookcrimson compote. Remember that the drink can be varied with other fruits. So, with a raspberry perfectly combined currant, sour cherry, a strawberry. If desired, you can put mint leaves, anise seeds or fennel seeds in the compote. To prepare a medicinal drink, supplement the raspberry compote with dog rose or cranberry. If you use brown or cane sugar to make the drink, then its quantity should be reduced. Otherwise you will get a very sweet drink. Good luck in cooking!

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