Cake-souffle: a recipe for a delicious dessert

Cake-souffle is a delicate and delicious dessert thatI like it without exception. The truth is to cook it a bit troublesome, but the result of that, of course, is worth it. "Bird's milk" is probably the most famous cake-souffle. The recipe for this dessert is described below.

Biscuit cake is an integral part of practicallyany cake-souffle. With its preparation and should start making a cake "Bird's Milk." Three egg yolks are beaten with 100 g of softened butter, beat and add half a glass of sugar and slaked soda. Then the flour is gradually introduced into the dough, just a little less than a glass. Now the dough can be laid out on a baking sheet or in a mold and baked in the oven.

How to cook soufflé for cake? First of all, a tablespoon of gelatin is poured with warm water and left to swell. Then, gelatin is heated to complete dissolution, it is important not to bring it to a boil. Now gelatin must be cooled. While gelatin is cooling, you need to beat up 3 proteins, adding a small amount of citric acid. Sugar is gradually added to the protein foam, continuing to beat the mixture. Sugars pour 1 glass. At the end, chilled gelatin is poured into the protein-sugar mixture.

A plate is laid cold cork, topthin layer distribute the part of the souffle, give it a little freeze, then spread the rest of the souffle on top. The cake is put in the fridge so that the souffle is frozen. At the end, the dish is poured with chocolate icing.

So the cake-souffle is ready. The recipe is simple and unpretentious. To diversify it, between the corn and the souffle you can put a layer of some fruits: pieces of bananas, orange slices, slices of apples or pears.

Raspberry cake-souffle. The recipe is based on yogurt. The cake can be used the same as in the previous recipe. While baking cakes, prepare first sugar syrup with raspberry liqueur: 120 g of sugar pour into 120 ml of water and bring to a boil, then remove from heat and pour in 50 ml of liquor.

Then prepare the souffle. The recipe is slightly different from the previous version. 350 g of thick cream to whip in foam, add 125 g of crimson yogurt and the same number of fresh raspberries, lastly pour in pre-dissolved gelatin.

Now collect the cake. The cake is cut into two parts. One put on the bottom of the mold, moistened with syrup and spread out the third part of a raspberry souffle, and on top place the second cake. It is also impregnated with syrup and spread the rest of the soufflé on top. The cake in the form is put in the refrigerator. Ready cake is taken out of the mold and decorated with chocolate icing or whipped cream.

Cottage cheese cake-souffle. The recipe is not complex, but original. As the basis is used all the same sponge cake, in addition, two types of souffle are prepared: ordinary and chocolate. Also, you need to prepare two forms for pouring a souffle: one is the same diameter as the baking dish, in which the cake is prepared, the second one is a couple of centimeters wider.

First, prepare a light curd souffle. First of all, dissolve 10 g of gelatin. While gelatin is swelling and dissolving, 300 g of cottage cheese and 200 g of sour cream is heated in hot water. From heating, both products are slightly diluted and subsequently they are easier to whisk. Then both are placed in a blender and whipped. On a water bath, melt the white chocolate (200 g) broken into pieces and mix it with a quarter cup of milk. The melted chocolate is poured into the blender to the cottage cheese-sour cream mass and whipped again. It only remains to add the dissolved gelatin and mix.

The cake is put in shape and watered with cognac syrup (a mixture of sugar syrup and cognac), and pour out the prepared soufflé from the top and put it in the refrigerator.

While frosting white souffle, prepare the second layer - brown. It is done in the same way as white, but instead of white chocolate is used milk, plus add 200 ml of condensed milk.

When the first layer solidifies, the cake is extracted from one mold and transferred to another, larger diameter, the second layer is poured into the souffle and also frozen in the refrigerator.

Cut this cake better with a knife, previously lowered into hot water and dry wiped. A hot knife will not stick.

On the same principle, you can prepare cream soufflé for a cake, only in it less gelatin is added.

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