The world's largest pizza: how much does it weigh and where was it made?

Do you know how much the world's largest pizza weighs? Where and when was it made? If not, we recommend that you read the contents of the article. We wish everyone a pleasant reading!

Very large pizza

Previous record

In December 1990, one of the supermarketsSouth African town of Norwood appealed to local chefs to make a pizza that could feed several hundred people. The order was executed. It turned out a very large pizza. Its diameter was 37.4 m.

For 20 years, this culinary masterpiece continued to hold the title of "the world's largest pizza." But times change, new heroes appear. This applies to the culinary sphere.

The world's largest pizza for today

In 2012, a newrecord. Five chefs from the Apennine peninsula prepared a pizza with a beautiful name "Ottavia". Ready-made pastries were introduced to the public. The event was attended by official representatives of the Guinness Book of Records. They carried out the necessary measurements. The diameter of the pizza is 43 m, and its weight is 9 tons. As a result, the Italians managed to break the 1990 record.

The world's largest pizza

Organizational moments

For the manufacture of giant pizza, the following products were used:

  • 250 kilograms of salt;
  • balsamic vinegar - 22 kg;
  • 9 tons of Mozzarella cheese and flour (first grade);
  • vegetable oil - 190 kg;
  • 4 tons of tomato sauce;
  • margarine - 700 kg.

To make a dough is only half the battle. It was necessary to thin it even more thinly, grease with tomato sauce, sprinkle with cheese and send it to a special oven. Given the size of the pizza, it was not easy to do. But the Italian chefs did it perfectly. Controlled the whole process of a real professional in the field of cooking Dovilio Nardi.

The sponsor of the record pizza was the company Dr. Schar Group. Her president addressed the assembled people. He said: "Many people are convinced that food containing gluten is dangerous for human health. But this is not so. Pizza Ottavia is a vivid confirmation of this. "

At the end of his speech, people began to approach the pizza and take pictures next to it. After all, it's not just delicious pastries from chefs, but a world record holder.

After the solemn part of the eventThe pizza was cut into hundreds of servings. All the guests went home satiated and happy. The remaining pieces of pizza (and there were many) were sent to Roman shelters. And this is a very noble act.


Now you know what the world's largest pizza looks like. Its parameters, place of production and used products - all this was announced in the article.

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