Light summer cake. Sour cream is a must!

When the summer season comes and there is a lot offruit, and I want to cook something delicious and easy of them. From a huge number of desserts, let's dwell on cakes that are distinguished by their exquisite taste and extraordinary ease. After all, there are recipes for cakes, which you can not just not try.

We suggest preparing a cake, sour cream in which is the most that is the main ingredient.

"Sour cream" classic

To prepare the test, you will need:
• 250 grams of sour cream (it is better to take low-fat);
• two eggs;
• one glass of sugar;
• Fifty grams of margarine;
• about a half cup of flour (maybe a little less);
• a half teaspoon of soda;
• Vanillin (optional).

To prepare the cream you will need:
• 350 grams of fresh sour cream;
• One glass of sugar.

Method of preparation "Smetannika":
1. First, in an aluminum pot, whisk eggs and sugar. Then add margarine (preferably pre-melted), flour, soda, vanillin and sour cream.
2. Mix everything thoroughly and make a dough.
3. Take a deep shape, lubricate it with butter and place our dough there.
4. Bake in the oven at a temperature of about 160 degrees 20-30 minutes our cake.
5. Sour cream (as already mentioned, preferably fresh) whipped with sugar.
6. Finished baked cakes should be cut in half (along) and well spread with cream.
7. If desired, you can decorate the top with chocolate.
8. Bon appetit!

If you are tired of all these "heavy" cakes and othersweets and you want something light and delicious, then try to make a cake that does not differ a lot of ingredients, while the taste of it you definitely like. List of ingredients on the cake: sour cream, gelatin, biscuit, sugar, strawberry, kiwi. True, not much at all? And now more.

Cake "Summer"

Necessary ingredients:
• 300 grams of biscuit (you can bake yourself, and you can take and store);
• 500 grams of sour cream;
• a glass of sugar;
• three tablespoons gelatin table;
• Kiwi fruit;
• Strawberry.

The recipe for the cake:
1. Fill the gelatin with half a glass of water and leave for half an hour.
2. While you can whip the sour cream with sugar.
3. After half an hour has passed, take our gelatin and put it on the fire, so that it completely dissolved (but at the same time not to boil).
4. Dissolve the gelatin with a thin trickle into the sour cream and at the same time stir constantly.
5. Deep dishes should be covered with food film.
6. At the bottom of the dishes lay out the berry cut in half, then we put a layer of biscuit broken into small pieces, then again the berries and again the biscuit.
7. In the end, pour all the sour cream with gelatin and hide in the refrigerator for a couple of hours (for freezing).
8. After two hours, take out the cake. Sour cream should be frozen.
9. Carefully turn our cake into a dish.

And now a recipe for those who like to cook a delicious and simple cake. Sour cream, jelly, bananas, cracker, gelatin - that's basically all that should be at your fingertips.

Cake "Glass with fruit jelly"

Necessary ingredients:
• 3-4 packs of different fruit jelly;
• a packet of gelatin;
• 500 grams of sour cream;
• two bananas;
• about 50 grams of unsalted, small crackers;
• sugar (half cup).

How to cook a cake:
1. Sour cream and sugar are mixed until the sugar dissolves.
2. Each pack of jelly must be dissolved according to the instructions and let it freeze.
3. After the jelly is cold, you need to cut it into cubes.
4. In a deep bowl, covered with food film, put first jelly, then cracker and so alternate.
5. Dissolve gelatin in a glass of boiling water and add to our sour cream. With this mixture, fill the jelly with the cracker and put it in the refrigerator.
6. When the sour cream stiffens - the cake is ready for use.

We hope that having our recipes at hand, youyou can cook a decent cake, sour cream in which will make its taste truly divine, and the people around you will appreciate your talent and creativity with dignity.

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