Cake "Monastic Cottage": recipe for cooking step by step

Short pastry in combination with sour cream andcanned cherries makes a delicious cake "Monastic Hut". The recipe for it, painted in detail, is accessible even to a novice cook.

cake monastic cottage recipe
Prepare this cake most often with frozencherries, but you can and with fresh berries or with cherries from compote. You can mix more cranberries or currants. Then the cake "Monastic Hut", the recipe of which we here give, will have a more sour taste. But it is not recommended to limit oneself to small berries, since the straws (which are replaced in this dessert with cakes) will be flat, and their form is ugly. To make a cake "Monastic hut", the recipe can be slightly modified: instead of cherry berries take dried fruits, nuts, pieces of chocolate.

Make the dough

A kilogram of cherries without pits fill with sugar (150 g), leave for an hour.

how to cook cake monastic cottage
When she releases the juice, it must be drained. A canned cherry, if you use it, must be separated from the syrup. Mix 200 g of sour cream with a teaspoon of baking powder or soda, beat a pack of oil and salt to the pomp, pour a glass of white sugar into a thin trickle, add the sour cream in small portions, followed by flour (350 g). The dough should be soft. It should be cooled for an hour before preparing a cake "Monastic Hut", for this it needs to be wrapped in a food film. After cooling, lightly knead, divide into 15 parts, from each make a ball.

The cake "Monastery Hut". Recipe for cooking tubules

Roll out a rectangle from each ball of the test.

 cake monastic cottage recipe photo
In the center closely lay cherries, expressedfrom the juice. Then, as closely as possible, protect the edges. Obtained oblong tubules (15 pcs.). Of these, we will collect the cake "Monastic Hut". The recipe (the photo shows how beautiful the tubes with the filling look on the cut) assumes that they will be the same size and baked at the same time. For this, lay them suture down on a baking sheet covered with parchment. They should spend 15 minutes in an oven heated up to two hundred degrees Celsius.

Sour cream

Whip chilled sour cream with powdered sugar(make sure that the powder is not wet and caked) at a ratio of two to one. Add the vanilla sugar. You can replace sour cream with cream. The amount of powdered sugar can be slightly reduced. It is desirable to take sour cream thick and fat. You can also pre-hang it to improve the consistency. To do this, put it on several layers of gauze, place it over the sieve and allow to drain the serum. It will take from eight to twelve hours. All this time sour cream should be in the refrigerator. After that, the cream is much better to keep the shape and easy to beat.

Building a cake

Finished tubes cool down. Take a wide dish. Put on it 5 tubules first. Then, using a cream, spread the next layers, each time reducing the number of tubes per one. You will get the shape of the inverted cone in a section. On top of the cake, too, spread cream, sprinkle with dark chocolate chips.

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