Restaurant "Palace of Pioneers" in Rostov-on-Don: cuisine and entertainment

"Palace of Pioneers" in Rostov-on-Don knows everyonelocal. In the spacious hall of the restaurant, designed for 200 seats (not to mention the contact places in two bars), you can not only have fun in the company of friends, but also to eat deliciously, to taste a variety of drinks from many famous brands. The restaurant is constantly in the center of the musical and cultural life of the country.

Often on the night club posters you can see the namesfamous DJs, Russian and foreign, pop stars, the names of legendary rock bands. There are held fashion collections and presentations of films, festivals and various competitions. Every day visitors are invited to a new show program, they are introduced to the creative people of the country.

the Palace of Young Pioneers

Night club and restaurant "Palace of Pioneers" inRostov is located in the heart of the city. You can reach it by any transport. By trolleybus No. 5 and by fixed-route taxi No. 29, 59, 85-a, 40, 67, 88, 52, 85, 93, after reaching the "Energetikov Square" stop, and by tram No. 1, 4, 10 to the stop " Prospect Teatralny »and a little walk.

Interior of the restaurant

The interior of the restaurant is simplyfascinates visitors. It combines several stylistic solutions. This is a little brutal ceiling, where you can see heat-wound and unshielded pipes. It is decorated with wooden beams, which echoes with soft multi-colored sofas.

Present in the "Palace of Pioneers" in Rostov a lotwooden elements that create warmth and comfort. There are associations with the saloons of America. This is the floorboard, and the railing, dividing the hall sectors, bar counters, a two-level arrangement of seats, wooden coarse tables, stylized in antiquity, bar stools with round backs, turning into armrests.

Palace of Young Pioneers on Don

Abundance of bright colors at all levels and imagesanimals give the room a few African style. For example, a huge rhino is drawn on the wall, and the heads of these horned animals, but much smaller in size, also appear on the coarse columns.

In addition to wooden parts, in the decoration of the "Palacepioneers "in Rostov used a large number of metal supporting elements on the walls and ceiling. They accommodate all the lighting equipment for the dance hall and stage.

Color scheme is soft, in the eveningmuffled, not straining eyes. These are the colors of natural wood, dark brown and black shades of metallic elements, soft tones of light brown, beige and gray, used for upholstered furniture (sofas and armchairs). Bright accents stand out for the multicolored small cushions on the soft corners, greenery of flowers and vases on the tables.

Restaurant Kitchen

In Soviet times, there was a saying "Odessa- Mom, Rostov - Dad. " Apparently, the founders of the restaurant "Palace of Pioneers" in Rostov, dialing the staff of cooks, this was remembered and taken to the kitchen of Odessa, so in the menu you can find many dishes from the cuisine of South Palmyra. Visitors can get acquainted with the tastes of Zhemchuzhina residents by the sea, ordering a forcemouse of herring with apples, bits from the Black Sea tulka, sherry with sour cream, stuffed fish and herring under the fur coat, eggplant salad.

Palace of Pioneers of Rostov on Don address

But the chef's talents are not exhausted. To please customers in the "Palace of Pioneers" in Rostov-on-Don can and Mediterranean cuisine, European dishes, Japanese sushi. For fans of ordinary and simple cuisine there is a menu and salad "Olivier", and pork steaks. The average check for the ordered dishes will cost visitors 1,500 rubles.

Bars and Beverages

On weekends, when most people comedance and listen to the concert, the restaurant turns into a big dance hall. There are two contact bars, where you can sit, relax and drink one of the wonderful drinks available in the cocktail card.

Girls will be pleased with the communication with the young handsome -bartenders "Palace of Pioneers" in Rostov. It seems that they were selected at the "Mister Mira" beauty contest. Always friendly, they will help you to understand the names of cocktails and choose the most refined drink for your taste, of which there is a lot in the assortment.


Every time on the posters of the "Palace of Pioneers" inRostov-on-Don (at the address: Teatralny Avenue, 85) you can see a new show. This or the performance of visiting stars from Moscow, St. Petersburg or Ukraine, or holding a festival of national scale. If a contest or presentation takes place in the city, then often an event takes place in the nightclub-restaurant hall.

palace of pioneers of Rostov on Don regime of work

The townspeople get acquainted with the creativity of many DJs,coming from Europe. Recently there was Linda with the band, Nyusha performed with the dance group. The New Year's performance was simply magnificent. The show program and fun contests did not leave anyone indifferent. All the staff was dressed in carnival costumes.

Visitors are eagerly waiting for the restaurant "Palace of Pioneers" in Rostov-on-Don! Mode of work of the institution: from 12.00 to 6.00.

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