Delicious and delicate honey cake with custard: recipe

Honey cake with custard, the recipe of whichwe consider below, can prepare for regular tea with friends, and for a festive table (as a delicious and tender dessert). It is worth mentioning that there is nothing difficult in creating such a sweet product. But to form a high and melting cake in your mouth, it will take a lot of free time.

honey cake with custard recipe

Honey cake with custard: recipe for cakes

Necessary ingredients:

  • chicken eggs of standard size - 2 pcs .;
  • granulated sugar - 210 g;
  • Wheat sifted flour - 600 g (strew to the basis of the density);
  • honey floral or other varieties - 2 large full spoons;
  • butter fresh - 55-60 g;
  • soda food (extinguish apple cider vinegar) - 1 incomplete dessert spoon.

The process of mixing the dough

To make a honey cake with custard, a recipewhich is surprisingly simple, turned tender and tasty, you should carefully mix the base for the cakes. For this, it is required to lay butter, flower honey and sugar in metal containers, and then put it on a steam bath and stir until the sweet sand is completely dissolved. After partial cooling in the mass, it is necessary to pour strongly beaten eggs, add baking soda with vinegar, and then pour the wheat sifted flour. Add it preferably until you get a cool, but soft dough.

a custard honey cake

Baking process

To ensure that the finished base is well rolledin layers, it is required to stand in the freezer for about 25 minutes. After that, all the dough should be divided into 7-10 pieces. Next, each ball should be rolled into a thin circle, which must be put in a baking dish and sent to an oven. Do not lubricate the dishes with oil. It should only be lightly sprinkled with flour.

To make the custard honey cake turned out even andbeautiful, every prepared cake is cut on a plate, and the edges are dried and crushed into a crumb. They are useful for covering the finished dessert.

honey cake brewed recipe

Delicious honey custard cake: cream preparation recipe

Necessary ingredients:

  • 3% fresh milk - 400 ml;
  • wheat flour - 3 large spoons;
  • sand sugar - 200 g;
  • fresh creamy oil - 200 g.

Cooking process

To make this custard, you needmix milk and wheat flour (without lumps), and then, constantly stirring, boil the mass until thickened over low heat. After that, it is required to combine melted butter and sugar, whisking them thoroughly with a mixer. In the end, both bases must be combined and mixed well in a blender.

Formation of dessert

Forms a honey product with a custard soSame as the usual cake. After it is completely covered with crumb from the edges of the cakes, it must be immediately placed in a cold room for complete impregnation (for 3-5 hours).

How to properly serve the table

Honey cake with a custard, the recipe of which is discussed above, it is recommended to present guests on separate plates together with hot and strong tea.

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